this beautiful image is the result of a my camera not advancing the film frame & two shots were exposed on the same negative…reminding me that within the unplanned “mistakes” in life there is often unfathomable & stunning beauty….may your day be full of lovely little mistakes….xoxoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Bridget:
    Sep 18-2009 , 08:21AM
    This is so cool!
  2. Sep 18-2009 , 08:43AM
    So fabulous!
  3. sherri:
    Sep 18-2009 , 09:18AM
    the most perfect mistake ever. xo
  4. Dana E:
    Sep 18-2009 , 12:39PM
  5. Sep 18-2009 , 02:57PM
    a beautiful mistake!
  6. Sep 18-2009 , 04:48PM
    Ah, love this!
  7. Sep 18-2009 , 10:01PM