for a bride the moments before a wedding are often full of activity…getting ready is in some ways as much of a ceremony as exchanging vows…the dress hangs in a window, longing to drape the curves of a bride…make-up artists, hair dressers, bridemaids, tending to the bride….but what about the groom?


its important that your man is pampered a bit before your ceremony….i love this idea; have a barber come to your groom & his groomsmen….the guys can have an old fashion shave…share cigars and stories as they get ready in style….it’s such a relaxing & classy way for men to enjoy their morning…


plus it makes for simply beautiful photographs….


and most importantly….when he leans in to kiss you, you’ll surely appreciate his¬†smooth
sweet smelling skin…at the end of the day isn’t really all about the kisses?



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Sep 01-2009 , 10:34AM
    Beautiful images and great ideas! The grooms definitely deserve some pampering themselves!
  2. Sep 01-2009 , 05:24PM
    awww ... i love this! this is such a great idea to give to my guy.
  3. Sep 01-2009 , 05:52PM
    Oh my Bean would love all this pampering! A wonderful idea.
  4. tiffany:
    Dec 12-2009 , 08:15PM
    This is such a great idea! What is the name of this company that offers these services, and where are they located?