there is something so sweet about an engagement…the thrill of knowing something wonderful is around the corner….the moment before the rest of your lives as husband & wife…its a wonderful time to document…so much love & anticipation….whether you have engagement portraits taken by a professional or by your mother in law to be or a friend….take photos….lots & lots of photos….xoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Sep 03-2009 , 09:26AM
    Lovely! Her dress is amazing!
  2. Sep 03-2009 , 10:02AM
    just beautiful, elizabeth. You've captured their 'love' through all those photos =)
  3. Christine:
    Sep 03-2009 , 10:43AM
    Those photos are stunning! You can feel their love through them :-)
    But her golden pumps are gorgeous! Where they are from?
  4. Sep 03-2009 , 12:13PM
    [...] Little Red Dress By natlpz I’m completely smitten with this little red dress from an engagement photo session shot by the lovely¬†Elisabeth Messina of Kiss the Groom.¬† Just [...]
  5. Sep 03-2009 , 06:24PM
    The dress is beyond wonderful!
  6. Katie-Beth:
    Sep 04-2009 , 05:19AM
    Spectacular :)
  7. Sep 04-2009 , 07:28AM
    Your pictures are unreal...they are so beautiful and most importantly, always fill with happiness!