another perfect pair…


hot pink christian dior pumps & the love
of your life in coordinating striped socks

mmmm mmmm good…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Sep 02-2009 , 07:14AM
    Very nice! And those socks arent bad either :)
  2. Sep 02-2009 , 07:19AM
    Just fab!
  3. Sep 02-2009 , 08:26AM
  4. Sep 02-2009 , 09:35AM
  5. Sep 02-2009 , 01:03PM
    Those pumps are to die for. I must wear them in my wedding.
  6. Sep 02-2009 , 03:32PM
    Gorgeous idea. How fun! I am without a doubt going to wear a fun, bright pair of shoes! Thanks for all your great posts.

  7. Sep 02-2009 , 03:48PM
    [...] Via Kissthegroom [...]
  8. Sep 02-2009 , 07:19PM
    The shoes are extraordinary to say the, love, love them and what a great shot!
  9. Sep 03-2009 , 06:46AM
    Soooo gorgeous! I love the bright heel + wedding dress combo!
  10. Sep 09-2009 , 11:37AM
    Great shot - great socks, GREAT shoes!
  11. Angela Wimmer:
    Nov 27-2009 , 10:29AM
    Anyone want to buy the Dior pumps in the picture? I have them and I'm selling them for $200. Just email me!
  12. Angela Wimmer:
    Nov 27-2009 , 10:30AM
    My email address didn't show up above so here it is again: