men & women communicate differently….we all have emotions, we simply express ourselves differently…i remember when i was  in first grade, a little boy would chase me every day & try to steel my lunch…my parents said “he must like me”…i was puzzled to say the least….as i’ve grown i’ve realized how important it is to appreciate another persons point of view…even if he’s wrong;)….as you attempt to decode the signals of your mate remember, they don’t call it the “opposite sex” for nothing


may your misunderstandings bring you closer to the one you love….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Ingrid:
    Sep 09-2009 , 01:01PM
    :) beautiful..and yes..we sure are different.
  2. Sep 09-2009 , 07:54PM
    So heartwarming.... thanks for sharing!
  3. Sep 10-2009 , 05:47AM
    thank you for all beauty you bring to our lives..