several people have inquired about my crown portraits….here is the story….


i found my first crown while i was planning my wedding….one sat on the top of my cake & my son carried another one down the aisle with our rings attached to a velvet pilllow on the inside of the crown….the image above was the 1st portrait i ever took with the crown & i fell in love with the idea…


since then i want to photograph every one i know (and many people i don’t know) with my crowns….my “crown portraits” are part of an ongoing personal project and i see no end in site….


i love the idea that every person is royalty….special & unique…honored & loved by somebody….


the family jewel is who ever happens to be beneath the crown


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 04-2009 , 07:06AM
    I ABSOLUTELY love that idea and love the pictures and love the crown. what a fun idea...I want a picture :)
  2. Aug 04-2009 , 07:39AM
    I'm glad someone asked. After reading this I love the crown even more..and how special the crown wearers must feel. I agree. Everyone is "special & unique…honored & loved by somebody…." put this so well. Will continue to watch out for more of your crown photos. Love all these images..the boys are beautiful under their crowns..and the gentleman's face ..ah..gorgeous.
  3. Aug 04-2009 , 07:44AM
    Thank you for sharing this story, Elizabeth! So creative, and beautiful.
  4. Aug 04-2009 , 07:57AM
    That last one's got to be my fave :) Don't get me wrong -- the kids are beautiful, but I could see the "royal person" in children, and the last one is just almost so incongruous, it's immediately-smile inducing :) Love your work!
  5. Janneke:
    Aug 04-2009 , 08:32AM
    Oh, your pictures are só very very good, I've no words for it.
    And the boys are beautiful too :) Are they yours?

    x Janneke
  6. Aug 04-2009 , 11:00AM
    Absolutely Beautiful!
  7. Aug 04-2009 , 01:19PM
    What a brilliant idea... BRILLIANT. I can't wait to see more.
  8. Aug 05-2009 , 05:34AM
    It was interesting to me to hear what the crown means to you....would love to see more of this series. Very beautiful.
  9. Aug 05-2009 , 08:49PM
    This is so inspirational! Thank you for sharing.
  10. Aug 08-2009 , 10:23PM
    Goodness, Elizabeth! Sometimes you move to tears. My heart is always so moved by your blog entries and photos that I can feel knots in it that are so tight- it hurts. I'm addicted to "Kiss the Groom." Thank you for being you.
  11. Aug 09-2009 , 08:53PM
    that is such a beautiful, beautiful idea. i especially love the one of the man too. makes me think of my dad. if he were still with me, i think i would run out and get a crown and take a million pictures of him! i can just picture how silly he would think it was and how proud he would be at the same time and how he would be trying to pose just right for me, trying to get it just exactly right.
  12. Sheri:
    Aug 11-2009 , 09:01PM
    where did you find that fabulous crown???
  13. Lew:
    Oct 13-2009 , 02:40PM
    I think this is absolutely wonderful. I love that the little girl looks angelic and the little boys almost look like they are putting effort into closing their eyes, just like little boys with too much energy. What a fantastic idea. My mom still makes us wear crowns for our birthdays.
  14. Dec 15-2009 , 12:35PM
    I loooooooove this idea so much that I posted a link to your blog in mine!
  15. Imyra:
    Sep 13-2011 , 02:26PM
    Such an inspiration! Just posted about this pictures of yours in my blog. :)
  16. Oct 21-2011 , 11:47AM
    such a wonderful idea. that eveyone is royalty is an incredible way to view people. i just adore your work!!
  17. Apr 28-2012 , 08:09AM
    I have spent the last few hours looking through your posts of pictures and reading your beautiful words! You are so inspiring :)
  18. May 29-2013 , 08:28PM
    [...] While planning my wedding, I discovered the beautiful work of Elizabeth Messina, wedding and portrait photographer, and author of one of my favorite blogs, Kiss the Groom.  One of Elizabeth’s ongoing projects are her Crown Portraits. [...]