lisa vorce is the creator & founder of OH, HOW CHARMING!….and she is not only an incredible designer, she has the uncanny ability to bring the personal style of a bride & groom into every wedding she produces & creates events that are simply beautiful & full of wonderful personal touches.

i have had the opportunity to work with lisa vorce in amazing locations all over the world….from mexico to france to private estates in santa barbara…no two weddings are alike & lisa vorce’s attention to detail amazes me…her work is always full of style & warmth…her weddings are simply stunning…


lisa creates lovely celebrations with any color pallet….


i often catch my breath when i walk into an event she’s designed….


i should confess, that my adoration of lisa vorce is quite personal….she was the event producer at my wedding….and although we’ve worked together for many years i was absolutely slayed by the beauty she created for my wedding….i felt as if she had climbed into my mind & made my dreams come true.


the most important quality about lisa vorce you cannot see in these images,
she is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet…..she’s truly….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 10-2009 , 01:39PM
    Such beautiful details, and inspiring photography. :)
  2. Doris:
    Aug 11-2009 , 12:07PM
    I came across your blog via paper cameras. I am astounded by your artistry. You have a unique gift in capturing the mood of the weddings you photograph. Thank you for being a prolific blog poster too - can't get enough of your work. :-)
  3. Aug 12-2009 , 07:38AM
  4. therese:
    Aug 12-2009 , 11:21AM
    such stunning photographs, your work is amazing time and time again
  5. Aug 12-2009 , 12:14PM
    Lisa has to be my absolute favorite wedding planner of all time. She has impeccable style all her own and amazing attention to detail. I simply love all her events, and coupled one of my favorite photographers, you can't get much better than that. Beautiful work Elizabeth!
  6. Aug 20-2009 , 11:54AM
    I truly adore your work! So original and refreshing and inspired, I truly feel like I see you in each of your images, not just cookie cutter shots repeated over and over.

    Well done!
  7. Aug 27-2009 , 10:29PM
    these are outstanding! the one with the tables set up under all the canopies midst all the greenery is such a fresh take on a wedding reception set up and i LOVED it!