six years ago today i gave birth to my sweet little son….i remember when the doctor told me i was having a little boy…i was so happy & yet a bit concerned….what did i know about boys?? how could i raise a man?? yet as they placed this beautiful boy into my arms, my heart melted around him & i knew he would teach me everything i would need to know….he is miraculous….funny & strong….he can play endlessly in the dirt & loves to curl up in my lap and touch a single strand of my hair….he does it with such gentle indifference, as if it belongs to him….i secretly think he’ll fall in love with a girl with long dark hair…he’ll just feel at home with her….and i will smile & always remember the boy who absently reached for my hair to twirl in his fingers….his secret’s safe with me….i love to watch him run like the wind & explain the incredible journeys his toy cars go on…he has taught me everything i need to know about boys & more…his heart is full of emotions that his mind doesn’t always understand…but they are there, quietly, distinctly beneath the surface…my little sweet prince.


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 25-2009 , 10:07AM
    Happy Birthday to your little one and happy birthday to your joy :)
  2. Aug 25-2009 , 01:06PM
    Beautiful storyboard Elizabeth. Love the shallow depth of field that you do - very "signature"... :o)
    Ever thought about doing a workshop down here in New Zealand? We'd love to have you here!
  3. Aug 25-2009 , 01:14PM
    Congratulations on such a beautiful family. Your site is my go to place for inspiration and beauty! Your photos are so amazing and tell such a beautiful story. Whether it's just a few lines or a paragraph, your words add such a powerful narrative that always moves me. Thank you for creating such beauty and sharing it with the world. Viewing your site is like putting on my favorite winter sweater, warm and comforting!
  4. Ingrid:
    Aug 26-2009 , 03:45AM
    I hope he has a wonderful day..he's adorable :) I couldn't agree more with Lauren. I know I come here and find such a warmth too. You're inner beauty shines in every photo.
  5. Aug 26-2009 , 09:33AM
    These are amazing!
  6. Sep 02-2009 , 07:20AM
    Such a handsome young man...I hope you all had a great b-day :-)
  7. Dec 05-2009 , 10:47AM
    i so eih i could do and have such beautiful pictures of my little boy. too bad i'm useless with a camera! august 25 is my b day too. i'll remember your little boy nxt year :)
  8. Feb 21-2010 , 01:24PM
    oh this is so beautifully written. warms my heart...