several years ago i photographed the wedding of  luca’s mommy & daddy…..we have since become close friends…their family is oh so lovely & i have fallen head over heals in love with little miss luca


luca’s mommy is a stunning beauty & such a wonderful mother….


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 20-2009 , 11:45AM
  2. Aug 20-2009 , 12:24PM
    Your work is always so beautiful. And what a sweet baby!
  3. Aug 20-2009 , 01:24PM
    Your work always reminds me to slow down and see...lovely
  4. Aug 20-2009 , 03:03PM
    what a little girl! She looks so sweet in her curls... love the photographs.
  5. Aug 21-2009 , 03:44AM
    Hi! I just love your website. I'm going to get married next saturday and have some problems with the decoration on the tables. But I have got some inspiration. amazing website and lovely pictures! :D
  6. Aug 21-2009 , 10:13AM
    Mmmm. Love those deep brown eyes. Babies are delightful, aren't they?
  7. Aug 22-2009 , 06:55AM
    This is such a natural unpretentious look at a mother and her child. Luca is truly adorable :)
  8. Oct 01-2009 , 09:41PM
    I love love love little Miss S. Light and her beautiful family!!! I just came across this website and saw my amazing friend!!! Yeah for "kiss the groom" and yeah yeah for Stef, Todd and both their incredible children!!!
    xoxoxo Tarah S.
  9. Malika:
    Jan 03-2010 , 11:05AM
    L-O-V-E your blog & photography!!! And L-O-V-E-d seeing my beautiful friend and her sweet little Luca captured by you :) Such a nice surprise :)