ice cream cupcakes make everyone smile….this adorable idea was suggested by my sister while i was planning my oldest’s birthday party….the kids loved the them & treated them like ice cream cones…


not only were these cupcakes adorable, they were also scrumptious & easy to make….



ice cream cones

be sure to get the flat bottom cones so you can stand them up….put some M&M’s (or any little treat you like) in the bottom of the cones….fill it up about an inch or so (this will be a surprise to everyone once they get down to the bottom of the cone)….then take a frosted cupcake and turn it upside down on top of the cone….the frosting acts like glue, so the cupcake stays in place….then simply frost the rest of the cupcake…when you are finished you’ll be surprised how much it looks like a real ice cream cone (we added sprinkles & candles)…get creative & have fun…they’d be super cute at a wedding too!



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 23-2009 , 12:03PM
    Adorable but I am most in love with the cake stand. Where is it from?
  2. Aug 23-2009 , 12:11PM
    the cake stand is from anthropologie...i got it several years ago...xoxo
  3. Aug 23-2009 , 12:30PM
    Too funny! When I saw the post title, I was expecting ice cream in cupcake wrappers! Don't know why my brain didn't go the other way?
  4. Aug 23-2009 , 03:57PM
    i love the color palatte
  5. Aug 23-2009 , 04:29PM
    Wow. These are AWESOME! The cupcake/ice cream things are such a cool idea!
  6. Christine:
    Aug 24-2009 , 02:00AM
    This is a real cool idea :-)
  7. layla baker:
    Aug 24-2009 , 08:56AM
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  8. Aug 24-2009 , 11:19AM
    So sweet! My mom used to make these for my birthdays in elementary school. I was famous for them!
  9. Aug 24-2009 , 01:14PM
    How much do I love these?!!
  10. Aug 26-2009 , 12:52AM
    What a GREAT Idea!! I LOVE the ice cream cupcakes!
  11. Sep 25-2009 , 10:29AM
    This idea is wonderful! I love it...thank you for sharing!!!