days go by & clutter gathers here & there….somebody’s shoes in the hall way….an ever growing pile of laundry…a forgotten bowl silently sits on the counter, practically mocking you….the lists reminding you of the lists you need to get to are getting longer…and as all of this seems to ebb & flow, as if with a life of it’s own, plans of it’s own….remember to pause & smile….because it is all of these imperfect & unpredictable life details that make your house a home sweet & lovely home……xoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 27-2009 , 07:16AM
    I love the color stories you have in your posts, absolutely inspiring!
  2. Ingrid:
    Aug 27-2009 , 07:22AM
    Did you write this for me? :) Yes you are so right..remember to smile at the little shoes that somehow end up in the funniest places, or the son's breakfast bar wrappers that will be missed when he goes off to college next year. I'll remember to smile..thank you for sharing such beauty in words and in images..and in reminders. xxoo
  3. Aug 27-2009 , 08:50AM
    Flowers, I can understand (and *love*), but your transformation of a fork + napkin into art -- that's just a breathtaking talent :) Hope you don't mind if I share this on my Friday Faves, credit to you of course!
  4. Aug 27-2009 , 11:58AM
    a perfect post elizabeth! i just returned from shooting in dallas and am so happy to be home amongst the clutter created by my family. normally this would bother me but today i'm enjoying the hugs and kisses.
    thanks for reminding us what is important in life.
  5. Aug 28-2009 , 07:05AM
    thank you for reminding me...