“one perfect morning i was all alone
listening to the blaze of summer
i was falling
i was floating in a golden haze
breathing in the sky blue sounds
of memories of other days

and in my dreams i was a child
flowers in my mouth and in my eyes
and i was floating through the colours of a sky
up to the stars and angels

up up up to heaven
up up up forever
up up up to heaven
up up up forever”

To The Sky

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 28-2009 , 01:04PM
    I'm amazed at how clean you sensor is. no dust spot? :) Have a great weekend!
  2. Kristin M.:
    Aug 28-2009 , 02:25PM
    how beautiful - thank you for brightening my day!
  3. Aug 30-2009 , 09:03PM
    Simple but stunning photo!