this elegant black tie wedding literally took my breath away….


from the stunning MONIQUE LHUILLIER dress to the perfect florals by END DESIGN


everything was perfect….san francisco based event planner JOANNIE LISS was amazing…



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 19-2009 , 07:26AM
    Oh my ... stunning! Elizabeth, these photos are breath-taking.
  2. Aug 19-2009 , 08:48AM
    Oh no! I got all excited when I saw that pink-purple dress with the gold waist, thinking it was the bridesmaid dress and I could just go "Hey, what's the designer on those bridesmaid dresses?" but no! It's someone else. But I want it for *my* bridesmaids! So, if by any mad stroke of luck or alignment of the stars or something you know where it's from, please please please please share!

  3. Aug 19-2009 , 09:39AM
    Oh Monique Lhuillier, you vixen you. Every time I see one of your dresses I fall more and more in love. This one is no exception. Wow! The bride looks absolutely stunning...that bolero is gorgeous.
  4. Aug 19-2009 , 12:14PM
    I came on to ask the SAME question as Shayna!!! Pleeeaaaase let us know if you find out/know! It's to die for! I absolutely want it.

    *sigh* I love Jewish weddings.
  5. Aug 19-2009 , 12:48PM
    that gown! just gorgeous!
  6. Aug 19-2009 , 03:20PM
    wow, wow, wow! This wedding is just gorgeous. I love the bride's attire!
  7. Aug 19-2009 , 06:47PM
    Simply stunning, I LOVE her two piece gown
  8. elizabeth:
    Aug 19-2009 , 07:25PM
    ladies...i am sorry to say i do not know who designed the beautiful purple dress....i'll see what i can find out....xoxo....elizabeth
  9. Aug 20-2009 , 05:11AM
    the gown is stunning!!!
  10. Aug 20-2009 , 08:23AM
  11. Elizabeth:
    Aug 20-2009 , 04:15PM
    I have to say these pictures are such a tease....I want to see more!!! That's a gorgeous wedding and those are stunning pictures!
  12. Aug 22-2009 , 08:38PM
    What a enchanting and royal wedding! I love the photo of the groom covering his eyes. No peeking!

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  13. Courtney:
    Sep 18-2009 , 04:22PM
    amazing. I'm dying to find tuxes with suspenders...any idea where these are from?
  14. Anna:
    Nov 02-2010 , 01:56AM
    This wedding venue is gorgeous. Where is this located? I would love to have my wedding here!
  15. rose:
    Mar 10-2011 , 03:13PM
    The purple and gold dress is by Matthew Williamson. It was worn by actress Keira Knightley to a London premiere back in 2005.