twelve years ago today i gave birth to a beautiful baby girl….as i watch the lanky young women who likes to make herself breakfast in the morning & casually curl up on the couch, i can hardly believe she’s the same person…her eyes are the same….i can remember so many little moments we’ve shared….like still images in my mind….fevers & scraped knees….giggles & first steps….the way she used to say “i love you too much”…”too” instead of “so”…she confused the two words in such a lovely way….motherhood is so humbling….she is so much like me & yet so much her own person at the same time…and oh so sweet….i long to shield her from the broken heart she’ll surely face at some point in the years to come…but i also know how having your heart broken adds richness & thoughtfulness to your life….i don’t want her to miss anything….or be afraid….but how i wish i could absorb her sadness & simply show her how perfect she is in her imperfection…and always has been….i miss the baby she was, love the little girl she is & can’t wait to meet the woman she’ll become….so as i light the  12 candles on her cake & watch her laugh with her friends, i feel lucky….lucky that she made me a mother….lucky that her grey blue eyes still smile at me….lucky to love her “too” much….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 06-2009 , 07:58AM
    I'm speechless!!! What a beautiful dedication...such lovely words.
  2. melanie mauer:
    Aug 06-2009 , 09:23AM
    so loving...oh, for every girl to have this depth of love from her sweet mother. what a beautiful rock it builds beneath her feet from which to jump into her own brave world :) warmly, -melanie-
  3. Uncle Scrooge:
    Aug 06-2009 , 10:21AM
    Truly beautiful.
  4. Aug 06-2009 , 10:42AM
    Such beautiful words, I can't wait to experience the joy of having children.
  5. Aug 06-2009 , 10:42AM
    Such beautiful words, I can't wait to experience the joy of having children.
  6. Aug 06-2009 , 11:10AM
    oh so sweet! happy birthday to your lovely daughter...
  7. Aug 06-2009 , 11:24AM
    Happy Birthday!
    Beautiful photos.
    Beautiful young lady!
  8. Aug 06-2009 , 12:03PM
    that was so lovely and quite touching.
  9. Aug 06-2009 , 12:38PM
    Such a lucky daugther and a lucky mother, really beautiful.
  10. Lucy:
    Aug 06-2009 , 12:46PM
    Just beautiful....
  11. Aug 06-2009 , 01:04PM
    ::crying at my desk:: because your words are so beautiful. have a fabulous & fun filled day and happy birthday kla! {looking forward to the photos..... especially ones with cake in them}
  12. Aug 06-2009 , 01:21PM
    How special :)
  13. Aug 06-2009 , 01:29PM
    my heart just turned to mush... what a lovely dedication. happy birthday leo girl... can't wait to meet you one day! xoxo
  14. Aug 06-2009 , 02:52PM
    What an absolutely beautiful post! *sigh*
  15. Aug 06-2009 , 03:24PM
    What a beautiful post from a mother on her daughter's birthday...... thanks for sharing.

    Happy Birthday birthday girl!
  16. Aug 06-2009 , 05:49PM
    You write so beautifully..!!!
  17. steve:
    Aug 07-2009 , 05:59AM
    My neice says the same to us! lol

    Happy birthday. Lovely words Liz.. and what a beautiful collection of photographs. She must be so proud of her mum.

    Jeremiah 29:11
    For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    God loves us more than we could ever love our own children. Do not worry about heartbreak, but bring her up in the way of the Lord.

    Proverbs 3:5-6
    5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;

    6 in all your ways acknowledge him,
    and he will make your paths straight
  18. Annette:
    Aug 07-2009 , 07:21AM
    I am just in awe of your photos and follow it with words. You are one of a kind and Happy Birthday to the star that was born by you.
  19. Aug 07-2009 , 09:20AM
    So sweet!
  20. Aug 07-2009 , 10:10AM
    Well put! Happy Birthday to her!
  21. Aug 07-2009 , 10:14AM
    Beautiful.. I always say that one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves is to use our talents to document our loved ones the way you do. What a blessing to have these beautiful photographs for your children to pass down for years and years. Happy Birthday to both mother and daughter!!!
  22. Ingrid:
    Aug 08-2009 , 03:48AM
    Happy Birthday to your once little girl. :) thank you for letting us catch a glimpse into the years that preceded..(like magic!) There is such an air of fairy dust in each photo. I know how you's amazing to see the changes..and beautiful to be able to look back. I think the love you show for her will be the biggest protection she could ask for. Again and again your images and words leave me smiling.
  23. Aug 08-2009 , 06:34AM
    Many birthday wishes to your lovely daughter!
  24. Aug 10-2009 , 01:55PM
    just precious!
  25. Natasha Rivera:
    Aug 11-2009 , 07:01AM
    wow..I am tearing up, you are talented at expressing your feelings, there is nothing quite like a mothers love..My youngest just went into kindergarden yesterday, amazing.
  26. Aug 12-2009 , 04:57PM
    This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read (the pictures are stunning too!) save it and give it to her on 21st birthday. she'll treasure it forever. you both are very lucky.
  27. Aug 14-2009 , 10:48AM
    that is too beautiful. brought tears to my eyes, to think of Mykela and my own. oxo
  28. melissa:
    Aug 15-2009 , 07:55PM
    you just brought tears to my eyes. how lovely are your words, and how blessed both of you are.
  29. Aug 16-2009 , 04:36PM
    Hi Elizabeth - greetings from a very sunny New Zealand winter's day. I'm always inspired by your photography, but sometimes the words that go with the images multiply the emotion that the viewer experiences, and this is what you've achieved with this highly personal post. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
  30. Aug 19-2009 , 09:59AM
    Ok. Chills, tears and smiles. I am so there with you. Happy Birthday to both of you!
  31. Aug 21-2009 , 12:44PM
    absolutely gorgeous. .. both your photos and your words.