samantha harris is probably best know for being a host for the show Dancing With the Stars
or for being a host on the INSIDER…she is ¬†beautiful woman & a savvy interviewer….¬†


she is also the mother to a beautiful baby girl….the sweeteness of mothehood
suites samantha perfectly…she is a wonderful mother & is full of happiness….


the beautiful chocolate & pink nursery was designed by Nursery Couture

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Aug 12-2009 , 07:17AM
    This is what a baby room should look like. Absolutely gorgeous!! Beautiful pictures.
  2. Aug 12-2009 , 08:02AM
    Aww! This is adorable! Definitely the cutest nursery I have ever seen!
  3. Aug 12-2009 , 12:08PM
    Gorgeous shots! The baby is adorable! Love her Juicy sweatsuit!
  4. Dana E:
    Aug 12-2009 , 07:05PM
    Oh so sweet!! Totally fantastic work as usual!! LOVE it!!
  5. Shefy Shah:
    Aug 13-2009 , 09:44AM
    What a beautiful woman and nursery! I loved the photographs. Simply beautiful.
  6. Leah mae:
    Aug 13-2009 , 11:04AM
    Are those mom and dad's initials on the tree? I love that!
  7. Aug 19-2009 , 08:45AM
    These are so amazingly sweet!!!!