the secret is…there is no secret
this is just a little glimpse into
my workspace…i try to surround
myself with images of my family
& life that make me happy……the
more beauty i surround myself with,
the more work doesn’t feel like……
work…….may your day be full of
little things that make you smile…


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Maria Claridge:
    Jul 07-2009 , 08:21AM
    so lovely, peaceful and organized! i looove it!!!!!
  2. Jul 07-2009 , 01:27PM
    Out of all the the websites and blogs I have looked at, I think your work is my absolute favorite! I'm just getting back in the business after a few years off and you totally inspire me, all the way to Maine!!
    If you ever do another workshop I am there.
    Thank you for putting such beautiful work out there for me to look at!
  3. Jul 07-2009 , 08:07PM
    What an inspirational workspace! Really cool pencil/pen holder!
  4. Jul 10-2009 , 12:01PM
    I just began following your blog, and I must say I love it already! You are an extremely good photographer. I love the pictures of the shoes especially - they tell a lot about a person, or so they say! :)