as the holiday weekend approaches all i can think of, is watermelon
in the backyard….sometimes its the simplest things that bring the best
smiles….may your backyard be full of watermelon & smiles….

simple pleasures…..xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 03-2009 , 11:18AM
    Oh watermelon you make me happy. I usually end up looking like that after eating it though!
  2. Jul 03-2009 , 01:13PM
    Adorable! A big watermelon slice would make an adorable prop for a summer photo session :)
  3. Jul 04-2009 , 07:57PM
    I miss my little pal Jasmine!

  4. Jul 18-2012 , 05:47PM
    Not much of a watermelon fan myself, however, after these beautiful photographs..... I might just change my mind. Thank you. ^-^