a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 21-2009 , 07:39PM
    That's what you call "capturing the moment".
  2. Jul 21-2009 , 07:42PM
    Definately a fan of the sepia imagery. What a lovely moment of the bride and groom. Congrats on your recent nomination I voted a few moments a back in both categories :)
  3. Jul 21-2009 , 08:21PM
    Awwww! =)

    Thats all that has to be said about this adorable photo!
  4. Jul 22-2009 , 07:06AM
    so sweet,soft and romantic.....
  5. Jul 22-2009 , 03:49PM
    This image gave me butterflies!
  6. Arizona Wedding's Magazine:
    Apr 14-2011 , 02:19PM
    Such beautiful photography! and moment :)

    love, Arizona Weddings Magazine
  7. Kelly:
    Oct 21-2011 , 03:20PM
    This. Is. Adorable.

    Thank you for feeding my addiction to everything wedding...