kirstie kelly is such a wonderful designer….her dresses fit the contours of
a woman’s body perfectly….a lovely balance of simplicity & elegance…..


her gowns are decidedly feminine & effortlessly beautiful…..


perhaps i am a little bias….as she designed the most amazing, one
of a kind couture gown for my wedding….i absolutely adore kirstie



this beautiful strapless kirstie kelly gown is paired with a handmade crown
by rosemary….rosemary is a wonderful artisan who creates many amazing
vintage inspired crowns….i love to use them for birthday parties….


this hand made kirstie kelly shrug makes me want to weep….it is perfection…


if you are lucky enough to be the owner of a kirstie kelly
gown, you will never want to take it off….xoxoxo



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 06-2009 , 07:53AM
    Absolutely stunning!
  2. Jul 06-2009 , 09:47AM
    Saw these images (I think) on Ines Del Mar magazine - LOVE them. Thank you for sharing. Hope you had a good 4th of July!
  3. Jul 06-2009 , 10:06AM
  4. Jul 06-2009 , 02:03PM
    we love kirstie kelly couture! another lovely bunch of photographs elizabeth.
  5. Jul 06-2009 , 04:43PM
    Hi Elizabeth,
    So funny, I was just checking your blog today, and poof there is my crown on that beautiful bride. What amazing dresses and photos from you of course.
    Hope you and the family had a wonderful 4TH!!
    Hope we can chat soon,
  6. Jul 06-2009 , 06:33PM
    Love the image in the mask....amazing! What a great series. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Jul 07-2009 , 10:51AM
    I love the props and accessories (shrug, tiara, tulle...) used in this whimsical shoot. Stunning!
  8. Nicole:
    Sep 14-2009 , 09:53AM
    hello there. i'm in awe of your work and i so enjoy looking at your site. i have to peel myself away to do my own wedding tasks! i was wondering if you knew anything about the shrug in these photos? i really would like to have a shrug similar to this for my minnesota october 11th wedding but i can't find anything. i think my seamstress could make something if i brought in some good photos but is there anything you can tell me about this shrug or shrugs like it that might be out there somewhere? thank you so very much.