i am so in love with MODERN PRESS….this just married sign is just one of the
wonderful products available …the just married sign is a hand made piece of art.
each letter is carved onto wood & then strung together…its is completely modern
& all together old fashioned at the same time….i LOVE it….you can also get hand
made wooden table numbers or invites or menus at MODERN PRESS….and……


an array of beautiful letterpress invites & paper products as well….although
my heart remains with the JUST MARRIED sign….after your wedding you could
hang it on the wall in your kitchen as a piece of art & enjoy it every day….


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 20-2009 , 08:27AM
    I love that the sign is a keepsake too....very nice!
  2. Jul 20-2009 , 09:14AM
    SO adorable! It reminds me of Scrabble tiles. And I LOVE Scrabble! =)
  3. Jul 20-2009 , 09:18AM
    i want this for my wedding!
  4. Jul 22-2009 , 05:39PM
    Absolutely fell in love with the car shot. Beautiful details makes a beautiful wedding. Great photography,
  5. Sep 27-2010 , 05:36AM
    Is it possible to get a Just Married sign by the end of the week?! a big ask I know, the wedding is on Saturday and I've only just stummbled across this site....?