kiss & tell….

“my son is such an interesting young man….he is full of energy & can climb trees all day long if i let him….he’s funny too…we can site over a bowl of cereal & giggle endlessly about this & that….and every night he wants me to tuck him in bed & cuddle with him….when i get up to leave, i give him a kiss goodnight…and he always says the same thing…’mommy, i love you more than a ten foot turtle’…now, i have no idea what that means…and i really don’t care, it’s music to my ears….”


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 17-2009 , 01:39PM
    Oh, my. That's just precious. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Ingrid:
    Jul 17-2009 , 01:41PM
    He's adorable. Reminds me very much of my son at that age. (Now 17..yikes) Enjoy the music of those ten foot turtles. Made me smile.
  3. Jul 17-2009 , 02:58PM
    Oh he makes my heart melt...
  4. Jul 18-2009 , 04:32AM
    How sweet! Those pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Jul 18-2009 , 06:23AM
    My daughter tells me that she "loves me to the moon and back again." Although that's a little more clear than a 10-foot turtle, I think that the intent is still the same! He's a cutie!
  6. Jul 18-2009 , 08:01AM
    This post made me smile. What a sweetheart and what a great mom!
  7. Jul 20-2009 , 03:56PM
    so sweet... that first shot - if I didn't already want kids, this would push me over the top! :)
  8. Jul 21-2009 , 05:42AM
    I love the dramatic color scheme and that cake is simply stunning!
  9. Jul 21-2009 , 11:27AM
    Elizabeth, I can't get over how beautiful your children are!...and to be loved more than a ten foot turtle...well, you're one lucky lady! :)
  10. Jul 22-2009 , 03:58PM
    What a sweet little guy... my youngest used to tell me that the moon was a googie-egg... a far, far away googie-egg. Be still my heart...
  11. Jul 24-2009 , 08:10PM
    ten foot turtle....that is precious!!
  12. Aug 07-2009 , 04:03PM
    How sweet!!
  13. casey krohn:
    Jan 30-2011 , 11:13AM
    Your style is beautiful & enchanting! There is such a divinity present in your captures. You have inspired me as a fellow photographer...shoot on, casey