if loving you is wrong…i don’t want to be right….

the magic of polaroid has captivated many of us for years….and the never ending hunt for the last few boxes of film has many held in limbo….i have been exploring polaroid alternatives….and i am in love


all over again….these images were all photographed at a recent wedding with film (220 fuji & my contax) & i turned them into polaroids with my i-phone….they are “polaroidish” & i can’t get enough!

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 29-2009 , 07:13AM
    WOW...those are amazing...I love them!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!
  2. Jul 29-2009 , 07:16AM
    nice color!
    I like this photo
  3. Jul 29-2009 , 07:40AM
    I love polaroids too, and I loved these http://www.flickr.com/photos/sicoactiva/sets/72157621766387318/
    Thought you might like them!
  4. Jul 29-2009 , 07:48AM
    thanks Elizabeth for the film info..... I am converting from digital because of your work and others! I love love it. It just makes me happy inside.
  5. Jul 29-2009 , 08:23AM
    I love your photos...they have such a wonderful romatic/vintage feel!
  6. Jul 29-2009 , 09:15AM
    Oh my goodness I ADORE this! Absolutely fantastic! What a lovely idea!
  7. Jul 29-2009 , 09:17AM
    I knew you were shooting film and I really didn't know!!! There is a difference! Proof!
    Absolutely beautiful. I'm going to pick up my hassleblad again. I'm inspired!
  8. Jul 29-2009 , 09:37AM
    Beautifully done! That's awesome you can do that on your phone. If you want something for your computer, me and my friends have recently become obsessed with Poladroid (http://www.poladroid.net/). Download, drag and drop, and wa-la! Instant polaroid! :)
  9. Jul 29-2009 , 09:39AM
    I didn't know i-phone could do polaroid...beautiful ;) You might wanna check Poladroid website and download their version of polaroid ;) You could even shake the picture (moving the mouse), and see the image develop in front of you...
  10. Jul 29-2009 , 09:53AM
    Killer stuff Elizabeth. This Polaroid lady's blog is amazing: http://nectarandlight.typepad.com/my_weblog/
  11. Jess:
    Jul 29-2009 , 10:41AM
    Hi! Your pictures are amazing. You should check out adessoalbums.com. They make guest books specifically made for Polaroid pictures. The albums are unique and great for events!
  12. Jul 29-2009 , 01:13PM
    Wow! I love your website. I actually just found it for the first time today, and I have not been able to stop looking through your archives. I love your pictures and the way you combine them so often with beautiful words.
  13. Aaron Gil:
    Jul 29-2009 , 03:37PM
    As always, you are brilliant.
  14. Jul 29-2009 , 08:22PM
    As always, I stopped breathing for a few moments when I checked your site and saw this post!
  15. Jul 30-2009 , 10:04AM
    ok! i knew it too...without knowing it...FILM!!! yes!
    there REALLY is nothing like it.
    beautiful beautiful beautiful!
  16. Jul 31-2009 , 08:21AM
    I've been reading your site for a while now, and just had to comment on how lovely these are! The colors and atmosphere are perfectly romantic and sweet - thanks for sharing!
  17. steve france:
    Aug 03-2009 , 02:27AM
    Elizabeth, these are wonderful. I love your use of light in your photographs. Your scanning and processing skills are excellent.
    The quirky and funky look of polaroid have given these a very different look, its great!
  18. Aug 04-2009 , 12:48PM
    Oh I love the polaroid. And your blog is lovely.
  19. Aug 05-2009 , 02:01PM
    Polaroids do hold a special place in my heart too. So tactile...and virtually instantaneous. Not to mention their colors and painterly look. You did a beautiful job here with these images. I would love to have you photograph some of my flowers! Maybe one day...