i love to hold them…thumb through the pages & relax….i encourage everyone to continue to purchase your favorite magazines….as the world changes & the internet expands magazines are becoming…dare i say old fashioned….here’s the thing…the internet is amazing, of course…but nothing can replace an afternoon on the couch with a stack of your favorite magazines & a glass of lemonade….the experience…to touch & feel the pages….my heart sank when DOMINO folded….and i want to save the magazines!! even in these challenging times…spend a few dollars to help keep magazines in business & enjoy an afternoon on your sofa…..trust me, you’ll be glad you did….xoxo

(here are a or some of the covers i’ve photographed over the past few years)


and here’s a little secret…one of my guilty pleasures is thumbing through the occasional tabloid…i call it “junk food for grown ups”…its a little naughty & a little fun….and i love fashion magazines, especially european ones…oh & art magazines…ohhh & REAL SIMPLE… & OPRAH…i guess i have alot of “favorites”….what magazine do you like to feel between your fingers on a sunday afternoon?? 

ohhh & i love love love DONNA HAY….its full of simply beautiful food & photographs 


today’s the day…buy a magazine…start a magazine club…you & your friends can all buy different magazines & then trade…just remember to take a break from the countless hours in front of your computer & feel the smooth pages of a lovely magazine between your fingers….join the revolution…


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 22-2009 , 07:58AM
    Oh, I agree!! I was devastated when Domino got shut down:( That was my favorite!! But, my addiction to magazines will never wane...
  2. Jul 22-2009 , 08:06AM
    I'm a sophmore in college and majoring in Journalism News-Editorial. I am pursuing this major in the hopes that one day I will able to work as an editor or writer for one of my favorite magaines (which are Vogue, Elle, Glamour and InStyle, in no particular order). Thank you for encouraging the purchase and enjoyment of all kinds of magazines! The internet IS great - I agree with you there! But there is nothing like having those shiny pages of pictures and words to read and re-read or tear out for inspiration. I also encourage others to buy magazines - keep my future job available! :)
  3. Jul 22-2009 , 08:09AM
    I, too, share your joy of reading a magazine or two. Call me old-fashioned, but I adore anything on paper and try to keep myself from getting too dependent on technology. Some of my favorite magazines I love to curl up with are InStyle, Cooking Light, Real Simple, Southern Living, and Domino (before it folded). I also enjoy the occasional Lucky and Marie Claire mags.
  4. Jul 22-2009 , 08:33AM
    Love that cover of Your Wedding Day! I believe I have that issue, actually... =)
    I too adore magazines! My sister and I buy them all the time! They are one of the best sources for good inspirational photos.
  5. Jul 22-2009 , 08:34AM
    This weekend I spent a delightful Saturday afternoon in the hammock under beautiful blue skies thumbing through Food & Wine magazine. And there is nothing like opening up your mailbox and finding a brand new issue of your favorite magazine. I can never make it into the house without a peek.
  6. Jul 22-2009 , 09:47AM
    I love magazines too. W, Donna Hay...and Real Simple are my fave now :)
  7. Jul 22-2009 , 12:47PM
    I love, love magazines. I'm so excited when my Dwell, Vogue, Bon Appetit or Santa Barbara magazines arrive in the post! I also find much inspiration from european periodicals and buy them frequently..dog ear, sticky note, tear out, stack, collect and share all the great photos, articles and recipes. I am very tactile and love the smell and texture of books. Technology keeps us connected but what we create and touch....heirloom silver, a hand carved bureau, a summer blackberry tart, sustainable yummy soft bamboo fabric and the fat little hand of our babies...that keeps us passionate, creative and human.
  8. Rosemarie:
    Jul 22-2009 , 03:25PM
    I too loooooooooove magazines. Online is a wonder and wealth of info, but magazines are an experience incomparable to any other. Sadly, I live with a man who just doesn't get it! And about Domino...I literally cried when I found out they folded and had to call another magazine-loving friend for solace!
  9. Jul 23-2009 , 01:09AM
    i love magazines too! my all time faves are w, italian vogue, lula, a ton of euro fashion mags i can't remember, martha stewart, real simple, wired, the nyt mag, and pdn. i only subscribe to 2 magazines but i keep every issue and treat them with due reverence. there's nothing quite like knowing you're seeing perhaps the only time that grouping of photos may ever be published... kind of magical. walking through new york is particularly wonderful because you can stop in a shop or newsstand dedicated entirely to magazine on (seemingly) every block! i wish that were only so easy to come by in san francisco!
  10. SherriAnnelle:
    Jul 23-2009 , 08:15AM
    Yes, please everyone do their part to save magazines. I miss Domino and Blueprint every couple of months...nothing is better than receiving that little present in the mail.
  11. Jul 23-2009 , 09:36AM
    I totally agree. I love buying a magazine and curling up on the couch for a relaxing afternoon read!
  12. Jul 24-2009 , 11:28AM
    We love magazines, too! The smell of the paper, ripping out our favorite photos - we encourage our readers to use Kentucky Bride in whatever way suits them (except as a table leg support :-)