dreams…we all have them…not the ones that come when we are alseep….but the hopes & fantasies that sneak into our thoughts during the daylight hours….i believe following your dreams is the key to happiness….its not necessarily reaching your dreams that brings true happiness, but rather the pursuit of that certain something….no dream is too small or too big…sometimes the hardest part is simply knowing what we really want….when i was quite young i dreamed of being a photographer, i didn’t even know what that meant….but, the dull weight of a camera in my hand has always made me feel happy….i am pursuing my dream & my life is so rich & full because of it….what do you dream of???

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Ingrid:
    Jul 13-2009 , 10:59AM
    I follow your blog and I love it. Your post today hit home as I searched for a class I could take that would somehow fit in with my work and family's schedule. I dream of doing just what you are doing and the feeling of my camera in my hand makes me happy as well. If it's not in my hand something is missing. Thank you for the post..and for the beauty of your photography. Inspired.
  2. Jul 13-2009 , 12:28PM
    being an amazing photographer. I also dream of balance. I dream of finding my own style and implementing it through out every aspect of my life. I dream of being able to travel and see the world, meet new interesting people.
  3. Jul 13-2009 , 01:50PM
    sooo cute!
  4. Jul 13-2009 , 03:26PM
    That is too too cute!! Lovely words......
  5. Jul 13-2009 , 03:51PM
    Adorable Elizabeth!!
    So glad you are doing what you dreamed!!
    My dream is to make more beautiful crowns, and make people happy with them.
  6. Jul 13-2009 , 08:29PM
    I have too many dreams... I recognize that I may never be able to fully pursue each and every one of them (horse trainer, make and sell cool things, run a vintage store, be a professional sourcer, have a restaurant, write a beautiful book, model -HA!-, worship/dance coordinator, pastor, interior decorator, graphic design artist) and I'm at a point in my life where everyone wants me to make firm decisions, to set a course and abandon all other courses. and I'm just not willing to let go of my dangerous dreams yet. so we're making our wedding be EVERYTHING we've ever dreamed so that we can have at least two fulfilled dreams as we start our new life.
  7. Jul 14-2009 , 08:51PM
    darn adorable!
  8. Jul 15-2009 , 11:40AM
    very inspiring post! For the first time things are coming together in life b/c I am actually going after my dreams, instead of saying, "one day I will.." :) Thanks!
  9. Jul 15-2009 , 05:02PM
    ditto, ditto, ditto:-)
  10. Jul 16-2009 , 11:32AM
    yay, i love it! this is so timely for me because tomorrow is my last day at my crummy day job. i am quitting to launch a small design/stationery business. because i have always--literally, for as long as i can remember--wanted to work on my own, making things. your expression of how not knowing what it meant to "be a photographer" meant as a child, but knowing that the camera felt right in your hands--that really resonates with me. hurrah for dreams and following them!
  11. Myra:
    Jul 20-2009 , 09:18PM
    From the time I was little my dream was to be a stay home mom. I have done that for over ten years now. My youngest is now going to be in first grade. Having a year of no babies at home with me during the day last school year left me a bit empty. Since no more babies are in my future I started thinking about an old love....photography. Oh how I longed for it. I took a class learned to shoot in manual and fell in love again. I have started taking pictures for other people. I love the look on their faces when they see there photos for the first time. I love that something I created for them will be a keepsake. I now dream of making a career of something I love.

    I also dream of making my photographers hat fit over and hide my mommy hat. My mommy hat is too big. I can never seem to get good photos of my boys. Give me other people's children and I can get that shot. Put my boys in front of me......forget about it. I dream of good shots of my boys.
  12. Jul 21-2009 , 07:42PM
    [...] Elizabeth Messina, in her post “Follow Your Dreams”, Kiss the Groom Share and [...]