abigail lorick is a truly amazing designer…her dresses are lovely little pieces of art
for every day….her dresses are stylish and oh so wearable….perfect for a cocktail
party & would also make wonderful bridesmaid’s dresses….i dream of LORICK….


abigail fell in love with fashion as a young girl & was a model for several years
before she became a designer…her work is both classic & innovative….dresses
you can ride a horse in or sip a cocktail in your cozy garden…simply styish…


you can also see some of the lovely LORICK designs on the hit show gossip girl


there is something so simple & elegant about her clothes….fashionable &
accessible….dresses you can be yourself in…play & laugh & feel beautiful.


i love LORICK & i think you will too…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 01-2009 , 07:13PM
    oh my.

    My little one wants to take lessons...,
    this is lovely.

  2. Jul 01-2009 , 07:44PM
    i love your website! i just came across it via chewing the cud. your posts are absolutely lovely.
  3. Jul 01-2009 , 08:12PM
  4. craig:
    Jul 01-2009 , 08:18PM
    My God, these are beautiful. You are a craftswoman and artist in the truest sense. Thank you for making these photos and for sharing them.

  5. Jul 02-2009 , 11:26AM
    These are just beautiful! I don't usually love sepia, but you use it as real art. Lovely post :)
  6. Jul 07-2009 , 11:56PM
    so beautiful!!