wc-bridal-blog-awards-weddingphoto_150  kiss the groom was voted BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG via the wedding channel…thanks to all of you who took the time to vote for us….we are truly honored… and we feel like dancing barefoot in the grass…since you are the reason we were blessed with this honor….we are giving away a beautiful surprise image by elizabeth messina….simply tell us what you like about kiss the groom & we’ll pick a winner very soon…when the winner is announced the photo prize will be revealed….may your days continue to be full of happiness & lots of kisses….xoxoxoxoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 23-2009 , 07:14AM
    I love Kiss the Groom and all of your work becuase of the love and art that you bring to wedding photography. It's not old and stale, always fresh and reminds us of why we love what we do so much!
    Your comments inspire me to go through my daily life with love and compassion.
    Thank you for all that you do for us!
  2. Jul 23-2009 , 07:22AM
    Congratulations!! That is just AWSOME! But you and your Blog really deserve it. Also my favourite Blog, everday I`m looking forward to see if you posted anything new :)
  3. Allie Love:
    Jul 23-2009 , 08:07AM
    There are, of course, those gorgeous photos. Of weddings, children, and all of life's details. However, what Kiss The Groom really is is a place to remember the people and things that we love. Everything that each day we should take a moment to notice and appreciate. An afternoon with a good magazine, a stolen moment with a loved one, cake and tea on a lazy Sunday, and overall the beauty and happiness within us all. Kiss the Groom is the cliffs notes of how to enjoy life.
  4. Myra:
    Jul 23-2009 , 08:10AM
    Congratulations! Everything you do is breathtaking!
  5. Mary:
    Jul 23-2009 , 08:11AM
    Congratulations on this terrific and honorable award! From the moment I skimmed through your site, I knew this would be a place of great inspiration and creativity. It all started when i created a special kissing tree for my fiance John and I as in many ways as it represented the growth of our relationship - sounds silly, but oddly fitting! Not only have I gained many incredible ideas from your blog for our special day but I've also come to realize the extent of my passion for weddings, photography and the beautifully small details in life:) Thanks for allowing me to escape my everday routine and fall into a world of inspiration and enjoyment!
  6. Jul 23-2009 , 08:17AM
    Hi Elizabeth,
    Im sooo glad you won... I was voting and voting and voting because I really really wanted you to win!!!!!
    What I LOVE about Kiss the Groom is that I get to take a peek into the vision of an amazing artist... you are so talented, and your images are ethereal and evoke so many special feelings... Everytime I check your blog, I get to breathe some freshness, happiness, love, sweetness and even tenderness... You are genuinely sweet, and peeking through your blog allows me to see more of the beautiful person that you are. Thank you for sharing your life through images! It is so nice to see that photography is truly your passion!
  7. Emily:
    Jul 23-2009 , 08:41AM
    Glad to see my votes helped out! I LOVE Kiss the Groom for many reasons. The first being Elizabeth's beautiful photography. You are amazingly talented and one of the best there is. I can always tell when I see one of your images, you have a style all your own. Also, your thoughts and quotes are inspirational and a good addition to my day! Congrats on winning. It was an award that was well-deserved.
  8. Sonia:
    Jul 23-2009 , 08:43AM
    Sending virtual kisses to Kiss the Groom! As a bride to be, I have become increasinly obsessed with Kiss the Groom. I find myself not only checking every day for a new post, but I also come back to the site several times a day to look at the older entries posted that I have looked at a dozen times already. I become lost in the pictures....daydreaming and envisioning the love and laughter of the events and photo sessions you post as if I were there. Kiss the Groom gives me inspiration, not only for my upcoming wedding, but for a lifetime with images of love far after the wedding day is over. I am looking forward to being a gorgeous bride, fantastic wife, and incredible mother...just like the women featured on your blog. Thank you for taking me to a greater place.
  9. Jul 23-2009 , 09:15AM
    congratulations! it is definitely deserved! i only discovered your blog after i was already married, but i still love it!!! you find the most unique event ideas/elements and have gorgeous photos. although i have to say that one of my favorite things about your site is the design- it's elegant, simple, adorable and the kissing tree is BRILLIANT!
    thank you for your beautiful contributions to blogland!!
  10. Jul 23-2009 , 09:25AM
    Congratulations! I absolutely adore Kiss the Groom because it's not just about weddings or about design or even specifically about the photos. It's about what you feel...and that's what makes me keep coming back!
    Best wishes and many more success!
  11. Jul 23-2009 , 10:37AM
    It's always so wonderful when a community steps up to support one of its members, and I think the many loyal readers of your blog felt like they had to share how stunning it is with the rest of the world. What I love about Kiss the Groom is the tactile quality of the images-you never lose out on an opportunity to show us how it feels, whether it's the lace on a wedding gown or the ecstasy in a kiss. The ethereal quality of your photographs is present whether it's a wedding, a photography event or a child holding a cupcake. You give each of these moments such care and detail, and it's that mindfulness of beauty in every moment that is so special about Kiss the Groom. Congratulations on an honor well-earned.
  12. Jul 23-2009 , 12:06PM
    CONGRATULATIONS, ELIZABETH! I am so happy for you. You deserve to win this, hands down. What I LOVE about Kiss the Groom is that your images and stories always transport me to another place and time that is calm and serene. The ability that you have to ALWAYS find something beautiful in the midst of all the chaos is a quality that we should all try to emulate and I thank you for sharing that part of yourself with us- your readers.
  13. Jul 23-2009 , 01:16PM
    there are so many things i like about kiss the groom... the romance, the passion about photography, and the quality of work. what i love is the pure joy found in life... whether it be on the biggest day of a couple's lives or a private afternoon at home. there is happiness to be had not only in the most obvious situations, but more importantly in the simplest ones as well! thank you for such a touching blog.
  14. Jul 23-2009 , 01:22PM
    Congratulations, well deserved.

    I like to visit Kiss the Groom daily because it keeps my link to a love of photography alive. In the midst of daily editing it is so easy to become bogged down in it and overwhelmed by it and to forget why I got into photography in the first place. But in visiting Kiss the Groom, so often I have to catch my breath at the beauty of the photographs and it renews my love for photography and gives me back the desire to grab my camera and go out and make my own beautiful photographs, so thank you.
  15. Jul 23-2009 , 01:26PM
    Congrats! I have loved yout photography and blog from the moment I viewed the amazing photos of A Lovely Workshop on Style Me Pretty. Your photos amaze me. I don't know much about photogrpahy but I love the way that yours look so sweet, soft and romantic. Like a breath of fresh air!

  16. Jul 23-2009 , 02:11PM
    you deserve this!
    always so lovely!
  17. Jul 23-2009 , 02:44PM
    Hooray Elizabeth!
  18. heather unverferth:
    Jul 23-2009 , 02:45PM
    the highlight of my day is logging on to 'kiss the groom' here are the reasons i find this to be the best blog.


    to me--u capture the feelings of my heart to perfection.

    heather o
  19. Shefy Shah:
    Jul 23-2009 , 03:04PM
    Congratulations! Your work is truly inspirational and beautiful. I love that your photographs are never boring. They seem to have personality, passion, and beauty that uplifts any person's soul. I aspire to be a photographer like you one day!

  20. Jul 23-2009 , 03:07PM
    Big congrats! So well deserved!
  21. Jessica Marek:
    Jul 23-2009 , 04:55PM
    Your blog makes me feel as though I have been transported into a fairy tale! Congrats on the honor! Your work is truly amazing and it bring me joy to just look at the website!
  22. Jul 23-2009 , 05:34PM
    Lovely blog....Congratulations!!!
  23. kielle:
    Jul 23-2009 , 06:13PM
    Oh, I'm so excited for you! A much deserved accolade! And...what don't I love about your blog?!! It is daily inspiration. Although life is not picture perfect, looking at your beautiful snapshots and reading your heartfelt words give me hope that there are many things about each day - the beauty God has blessed us with, the people we love, all the little things that make us smile - that are picture perfect. Thank you for that!
  24. Dana E:
    Jul 23-2009 , 06:35PM
    The reason I like Kiss the Groom is simply because I can see the love oozing from your photographs. I can honestly see the authenticity and uniqueness of the people you photograph. It's a refreshing break from the normal heavy hitter photoshopped and "actioned-out" photography that's currently out there. Your style is genuine and I just cannot say enough about the L.O.V.E.!! =)
  25. Jul 23-2009 , 06:46PM
    Congratulations! Well deserved...I come here every day during work for a break and some eye candy.
  26. Ingrid:
    Jul 23-2009 , 08:32PM
    Congratulations! Felicidades! So well deserved. I could list reason over reason as to why I love your blog. You give your photos a voice. They inspire..they allow for dreaming and they have a beauty all their own. It's that voice though that resonates from your images. I'm inspired by the message.
  27. Jul 24-2009 , 04:39AM
    no surprise to me
  28. Jul 24-2009 , 08:00AM
    Hooray Elizabeth!!
    You know how much I love your work.

    Kiss the groom makes me wish my boyfriend would hurry up and propose! :P
  29. Jul 24-2009 , 12:07PM
    YAY Elizabeth!! Congrats!!
  30. Jul 24-2009 , 05:19PM
    Congrats!! I voted for your site a bunch of times! I love coming to your site for so many reasons - mainly because you always have the most beautiful images and your selection of what to post is perfect - leaves you wanting more - and every image is stunning. Your blog is one of my must reads :) I hope to feature some of your work on my blog someday! Congrats again and have a lovely weekend!
  31. Jul 24-2009 , 09:40PM
    The absolute simple beauty and wonderful images make my heart smile.
  32. Kristin M.:
    Jul 24-2009 , 09:58PM
    Every weekday morning I wake up and fly straight into my office chair. I pick up the previous day's stresses right where I left them: unanswered emails, unedited photos, Quickbooks eating my soul, and the like. My mornings are hectic! But sometime around ten or eleven I stop to take a look at Kiss the Groom's daily offering. It reminds me of certain important things: that I love red shoes and peonies, that I'd love to frolic in a sepia-toned field, that I'm a beach bum at heart, that I should give my sweet husband more kisses, that I cherish photographs. What a mid-day gift! This is why I love Kiss the Groom.
  33. Jul 25-2009 , 01:53PM
    Kiss The Groom is one of my daily stops on the web. Your photography truly gets to the core of why we were put on this earth... to enjoy each other and the simplicity of friendship and love. All of the moments you capture are real. There is such an innocence to them. Everything you feature makes me smile.
  34. Jen Curtis:
    Jul 26-2009 , 06:55PM
    Congrats Elizabeth... your work is stunning and so inspiring!
  35. Jul 28-2009 , 11:17AM
    Eep! Hope this isn't too late, and if it is ... oh well - you deserve to hear this anyway :) This blog is BEYOND an inspiration to me. It's poses a challenge to me as a young photographer to look for those little moments where love is bursting at the seams. I'm young and I dream a lot... I imagine a lot. Your photos reassure me that we're able to capture these dreams into still images. And the fact that these images will last beyond a lifetime is that much more beautiful. Thank you Kiss the Groom.
  36. Jul 30-2009 , 02:37PM
    As a photographer and a mother, I visit your blog for so many reasons. I come by to get a boost when I feel I'm overwhelmed by parenthood, work, lack of time with my husband...and remember what is important. I wonder where you store all this loveliness when life with children and a career overwhelm. I'm in awe at how much beautiful work you produce and how you manage to find time to blog every day (with such warm, insightful thoughts.) I sometimes visit to remember how lucky I am to be in love, to be a mother to a beautiful son (and one on the way), and to have a job I LOVE. And sometimes I visit to just see some beautiful photos.
  37. Andrea:
    Jul 13-2011 , 04:22AM
    congratulations, what a wonderful acknowledgement of your beautiful and inspirirng work !! Andrea