congratulations to rebecca….she said….

“i would grow a treasure for my children, for our family.

snippets of conversations with my 4 year old daughter Scarlett.

love in lipstick smudges and sweet words for my husband.

photographs of our growing family and my growing belly and the arrival of

our son in november, of all things changing and once again new… the garden…

scarlett’s colourful hopeful works of art.

moments today for us to treasure years from now.

the octopus. reaching out in all directions touching life 360 degrees.

we are all connected to everything infinitely.
what a beautiful metaphor that wild ocean creature.”

 a drop of pleasure on paper

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 10-2009 , 09:27AM
    oh my goodness. i am so grateful. thank you elizabeth... i hope our paths cross someday. i think you and your photography are divine. x
  2. Jul 12-2009 , 05:07PM
    Absolutely beautiful design, so unexpected and lovely!