this beautiful palm springs wedding was designed by event

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jul 18-2009 , 10:46AM
    Wow! This wedding is beautiful! I love the white with the deep red!
  2. vanessa:
    Jul 18-2009 , 10:49AM
  3. Jul 18-2009 , 01:56PM
    Beautiful colors. I am just in love love love with your pink sepia tones! Beautiful, beautiful work.
  4. Chantelle:
    Jul 18-2009 , 09:11PM
    Elizabeth, you captured every beautiful moment for us, we are so grateful to you for giving us such wonderful photographic memories...xoxo
  5. Jul 19-2009 , 04:28PM
    is that the Cree Estate?? I love the Cree Estate too much!!! And Rochelle.... isn't she just a doll?
  6. Jul 19-2009 , 05:03PM
    I love how you captured all the amazing details. The red details are awesome - kudos to the bride & groom.
  7. Jul 19-2009 , 11:55PM
    Just came across your blog...and L.O.V.E it!! love love looveee it! :D I am sure that you hear this all the time..I am also sure it never gets old! :) So glad you do what you do! :D Thanks for sharing!
  8. Jul 20-2009 , 09:56AM
    Beautiful! I simply love all the red details. The cake is especially wonderful!.
  9. Jul 20-2009 , 01:22PM
    LOVE the red! What an amazing cake!
  10. Jul 21-2009 , 03:07PM
    Just love the red details in this wedding - colours really pop. Love the quirky style of the images!
  11. oopsydaisy:
    Jul 21-2009 , 03:20PM
    who makes that lovely gown?? its amazing, romantic, and luscious!
  12. Jul 21-2009 , 04:26PM
    What a gorgeous wedding! You did such a wonderful job with these... the colors are spectacular!! :)
  13. Jul 21-2009 , 07:48PM
    Wow....red is my favorite color...that cake is simply amaZING! I can appreciate how you captured so many elements of the brides personality without even showing her face. Thank you for sharing Elizabeth :)
  14. Jul 27-2009 , 09:02AM
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  15. Gwen:
    Aug 10-2009 , 10:21AM
    Absolutely amazing photography!! Love the RED!! especially the shoes and cake.
  16. Sep 08-2009 , 01:15AM
    Such beautiful images, they really to capture this lovely wedding, thanks for sharing
  17. Feb 04-2010 , 12:22PM
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  18. Jul 18-2012 , 05:50PM
    LOVE LOVE LOVE image set #4. AHH-mazing! ^-^