red & white & happy all over…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 20-2009 , 07:07AM
  2. Jun 20-2009 , 08:16AM
    red is for me! :) thanks for posting, this is really inspiring.
  3. Jun 20-2009 , 01:29PM
    I used to hate red...until I turned 30, now I can't have enough. Thanks for the beautiful board!
  4. Jun 20-2009 , 03:49PM
    There aren't enough exclamation marks for this comment box. I love every image. Delicious. Thanks so much for this and all of your inspiring posts.
  5. Jun 20-2009 , 07:05PM
    Love the red! Really makes a lovely wedding color. Looks like a fun wedding!
  6. Jun 20-2009 , 07:19PM
    What a wonderful grouping of pictures - so elegant, fun and hot! Red is my favorite!
  7. Jun 21-2009 , 10:22AM
    I love the photo board. And both pair of red shoes, swoon!! Do you have any details on who makes either pair??

    Please say you do. :)
  8. Belle:
    Jun 21-2009 , 10:35AM
    I wore the high heeled red pair for my engagement shoot with Elizabeth in Central Park. They are by Christian Louboutin and remain my favorite pair. Elizabeth is an angel.
  9. Vanessa:
    Jun 24-2009 , 12:50PM
    Ooh, so beautiful!! I have also found that red paired with aqua makes for a lovely color palette. Have any inspiration for those colors?
  10. Jun 28-2009 , 06:35AM
    That fork is screaming "pick me up!" and maybe "eat the tart in the photo above me!"