A Drop of Pleasure on Paper

it is with great pleasure that i share with you the beautiful creations of dewdrop designsdew1

gillian dewberry is the artistic visionary behind dewdrop designs & her innovative & handcrafted books are absolutely beautiful….she uses beautiful leathers & rich papers for her creations….they are not only lovely to look at but also wonderful to hold….a perfect journal…or guest book….or gift…


and for the more artistically inclined…these books would make wonderful wedding scrap books or photo albums….i used to make books by hand & know how much work goes into each one…these albums are truly a labor of love….so unique…i love them….which is why i am so happy to announce that i will be giving the book pictured below to one lucky girl….simply write a comment telling us what you would do with the handmade book…..a winner will be picked in the next few weeks…..


take some time & check out dewdrop designs adorable site….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Alice:
    Jun 12-2009 , 07:37AM
    What a lovely giveaway this is!! I'm currently planning my wedding and would love to have this book to hold sketches and photos of inspiration... to document the evolution of my ideas and to have something to look back on in the future.
  2. Jun 12-2009 , 07:59AM
    These are stunning!! If I win this, this will be given to my future SIL as a shower gift. Although, It will take every once of inner strength not to keep it for myself and not tell anyone about it.

    Either way, I think I will need to grab some of these for me :)
  3. ~Christie:
    Jun 12-2009 , 08:17AM
    Hello Elizabeth,
    These journals are absolutely beautiful. I know exactly what I would do with the book. I have been looking for the perfect journal to use to write random thoughts....love notes....ideas.....letters to my son and leave it in his room for him to find at unexpected times. With the hopes that maybe one day he will write back! I was hoping it would be a way for us to stay connected as our lives are sure to get busier and busier. The octopus is so beyond perfect! My sons favorite toy had been a little plastic octopus that he crawled around the house with in one hand.....wherever he went. And it was my totem animal in college. I had one hanging in my bathroom! Whoever does end up with the lovely book....I know it will bring them so much joy! Thank you for all you do in your inspiring blog....
  4. Jun 12-2009 , 08:18AM
    I'd use the dewdrop design book to document a beautiful photography journey...or

    I also like collecting old photographs and imagining who the individual was or still is in the photo...so I'd write a short poem and place the photo with it.
  5. Jun 12-2009 , 08:40AM

    i would grow a treasure for my children, for our family.

    snippets of conversations with my 4 year old daughter Scarlett.

    love in lipstick smudges and sweet words for my husband.

    photographs of our growing family and my growing belly and the arrival of our son in november, of all things changing and once again new... the garden...

    scarlett's colourful hopeful works of art.

    moments today for us to treasure years from now.

    the octopus. reaching out in all directions touching life 360 degrees.

    we are all connected to everything infinitely. what a beautiful metaphor that wild ocean creature.

  6. Lizeth True:
    Jun 12-2009 , 08:52AM
    My husband is leaving for navy bootcamp soon, and I would use this book to write love notes to him while hes gone, put pictures of me and on our daughter while he is gone, update him on our life while hes gone, etc. Tell him how proud I am. And give it to him as a gift at his graduation.

    :) Liz
  7. Jun 12-2009 , 10:15AM
    These are so lovely! I would love to use one of these as a journal for my upcoming around-the-world trip!
  8. Jun 12-2009 , 10:19AM
    Ms. Elizabeth!

    What a great find!!! Thanks for sharing with us all. I can't figure out which one is my favorite, they all are distinct and bring about fun memories and ideas. I have to say the octopus is so unique. My family and I travel to Italy about every year and a half to visit my husband's family. They live right on the Ionian Sea (Cariati Marina in the region of Calabria) and their main source of food there happends to be octopus, squid and many other types of fish. So we spend much of our time in the water with my three girls (Camilla 7, Isabella 6, and Sophia 6). Wherever we go, whether Hawaii, Italy or even our home beaches in California we try to find an octopi. We have collected 5 photos so far throughout our travels with the girls and hubby catching them. So, if I was the lucky gal choosen, I would love to use this journel place our octopi photos and record and our crazy little experiences in our travels as a keepsake.

    Thanks for always sharing your beautiful photos!!!
  9. Jun 12-2009 , 10:45AM

    Thanks so much for the lovely post. Your kind words and gorgeous photos of my work just made my day. You are such a sweet girl and I am so happy to know you.

    Many thanks
  10. Jun 12-2009 , 11:44AM
    What gorgeous books - the octopus is my favorite. These books would be perfect as a personal sketchbook to write ideas and wishes for the future, little drawings and whimsical sketches, and whatever comes to mind!
  11. Jun 12-2009 , 12:36PM
    Elizabeth & Gillian,

    These are just yummy! I love them all. I don't think my comment will be creative enough to win the octopus one but deep down I don't want to win (I want Jen to win because I think her idea is perfect and those beautiful italian girls of hers belong in that album). I know I would make mine into a photo scrap book from all our travels up and down the coast but I think I just have to go buy myself one of the fish ones. It's just too cool!

    Thanks for sharing! I always love finding new scrap books.

  12. Sylvia:
    Jun 12-2009 , 02:22PM
    These are such gorgeous creations! It's a perfect fit for my nightstand. I always have a journal to write down any items I need to remind myself to do (so I can not worry and have a good night's sleep) and to write down my dreams when I wake.

    I love all the designs!
  13. Jun 12-2009 , 02:58PM
    I'd keep it with me
    pocketbook, bag, or in hand
    writing fish haikus
  14. Erin:
    Jun 12-2009 , 03:07PM
    I absolutely would use this book to journal our honeymoon together! Even though I'm sure I'll remember most of the details for years, I want to make sure that I remember everything!!! This would be the perfect place to write everything down.
  15. Jun 12-2009 , 03:18PM
    Aww the designs are SO cute! Such great talent :)

    If I won, I would most likely use it to write important notes.

  16. Chandra:
    Jun 12-2009 , 03:51PM
    I would use the notebook as a honeymoon/travel journal and scrapbook. The design just screams travel to me and is beckoning me to write about the places we will visit and for beautiful pictures from our travels. Love it!
  17. e:
    Jun 12-2009 , 04:42PM
    How GORGEOUS! Wow. I had to immediately go to the site and check out more... My fiance, for a reason no one knows, LOVES octopuses. He's also an artist, but in school for something totally unrelated (school psychology). I know he misses sketching/doodling/painting/building when he's in school and doesn't have much time for it.. I think giving him this might inspire him! To use, at the very least, some of his commuting time to/from school to draw and sketch out ideas for future projects.
  18. Jun 12-2009 , 07:04PM
    Beautiful scrapbook, and awesome pictures ;) Love them all!!! I think these scrapbook is perfect for intimate dialogue between lover, sweetheart, and honey bee...leave xoxoxoxoox for your loved one, and get some tingling, hot flash, and heart pumping back...
  19. Jun 12-2009 , 08:37PM
    I would give this to my daughter to use as a journal!
  20. Jun 12-2009 , 10:36PM
    These are absolutely beautiful.

    My husband and I are about to embark on a grand adventure. Leaving the southern California city life for a small town in Wyoming. I'd love to record every bit of it in here
  21. Jun 12-2009 , 10:42PM
    These are so pretty! I need a new book for recording the books I have read and this would be perfect.
  22. Tiffany:
    Jun 12-2009 , 10:51PM
    Lovely! :) I would use the journal to document those cherished moments that come with welcoming a newborn! My husband and I are expecting a son in August and this would be perfect to scribble down the details and dates of his first coos, smiles, belly laughs, rolling over...and all the little things that are unfortunately so fleeting about new life!
  23. Jun 13-2009 , 06:54AM
    I am not vying for the prize, I just wanted to comment about how NEAT these journals are!! Great find Elizabeth!! Now I now what to get my father in law for Xmas, he is a major lover of the ocean, these books are perfect!

  24. marge mckoen:
    Jun 13-2009 , 07:09AM
    I would love one of these I take care of 84 year old mother with alzheimers and would love to write down my thoughts
  25. Steph:
    Jun 13-2009 , 09:33AM
    I would put it in my purse and write everything on it!
    Books I want to read...
    Wedding planning notes...
    Gifts I want to remember to get people...
    and on and on and on!
  26. wendy wallach:
    Jun 13-2009 , 06:24PM
    I would give it to my daughter to write her poetry in.

    madamerkf at aol dot com
  27. Amanda:
    Jun 13-2009 , 06:37PM
    I would love to give it to my sweet boyfriend, a lifelong lover of the sea and avid fisherman for him to document his first year as a high school chemistry teacher and all of the ups and downs along the way.
  28. Jun 13-2009 , 10:19PM
    I just LOVE those designs - thank you for sharing this great site with us!

    I have a friend that is married to her soul mate. However, they have just had their 3rd child, and are having a hard time staying connected. She's said she is loosing touch with him and with herself, as everything has been turned over to raising the kids.

    She and her hubby still make time to share their one passion - diving. They make a "date dive" at a local aquarium once a month where they volunteer to clean the tanks. They always come back from their dives with the greatest stories.

    They love classy aquatic-themed things. So, I would love to be able to give my friend this journal for her and her hubby to record the "us time" dive events they share. It would give them a way to capture the good times they have shared and all those incredible stories.
  29. nicci:
    Jun 13-2009 , 11:56PM
    those are just beautiful! i was just looking for a journal worthy enough to record my daughter's first year. i love it!
  30. katrina:
    Jun 14-2009 , 08:22AM
    I would use a lovely book like this to keep at my bedside table , and scrawl notes to my love in the mornings and evenings for him to read.
  31. Valerie:
    Jun 14-2009 , 05:18PM
    It would become my art journal
  32. chenda:
    Jun 14-2009 , 06:42PM
    all my little secrets in it!
  33. Paula H:
    Jun 15-2009 , 04:11PM
    I was use it to keep write our family's favorite recipes in.
  34. Jun 16-2009 , 06:27AM
    I've been searching for a journal to hold my memories of each of my children. Right now they're all on my computer but I want them to be in my own handwriting and filled with pictures throughout their life.
  35. kara:
    Jun 16-2009 , 06:51AM
    I love these! I go through journals like crazy when I'm stressed, especially now that I'm planning a wedding! I would use it to journal/destress/record my wedding planning process.
  36. Liz B.:
    Jun 16-2009 , 07:30AM
    The journals are beautiful! It would be perfect to write all about the first vacation we just took as a married couple! We cruised to Key West and the Bahamas and had so much fun. I think the sea-themed journal would be perfect and it would be fun to continue to journal about future trips.
  37. Jun 16-2009 , 04:36PM
    I would keep these fabulous books on hand at all time to record inspiration I see around me. As a wedding planner, I constantly am pulling ideas and inspiration I find to incorporate into my brides' weddings to make them unique.
  38. Heather S:
    Jun 16-2009 , 08:56PM
    I would give it to my bestie for her birthday!
  39. Jun 17-2009 , 01:42PM
    I would give it to my sister. She has been through a lot of life changes in the last few months and her soul could use a beautiful journal to store all her thoughts.
  40. Roxanne:
    Jun 17-2009 , 07:15PM
    I would give to my mom, she loves journals, the more unique the better.
    Living on Cape Cod, she would love something related to the sea