there is (almost) nothing as sweet as slipping
on the perfect shoes on your wedding day….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 24-2009 , 12:48PM
    I can imagine there are very few things that feel better than putting on a stunning pair of Christian Louboutins on your wedding day.

  2. Jun 24-2009 , 08:05PM
    These look so perfect! Loving the red soles.
  3. Jun 25-2009 , 02:31AM
    gorgeous, as always! (and the shoes are pretty spectacular too)
  4. Jun 25-2009 , 11:01PM
    Oh my! The shoes are stunning. The photo is amazing too!
  5. Stephanie:
    Jul 03-2009 , 07:44AM
    These are beautiful, does anyone know the style name?
  6. Enza:
    Jul 25-2009 , 09:12PM
    Can anyone please help me with the style name of these shoes and where i can find them. thanks:)
  7. Laura:
    Aug 02-2009 , 08:22PM
    Agered that these shoes are amazing - does anyone know the style name or where you can buy them? Totally in love with these shoes!