black & white photographs are so timeless & beautiful…..

there is a silent quality to black & white imagery….that is evocative & soft….

i simply love the using black & white film….it’s classic & sublime….


i dream in black & white…and travel to the memories in my soul…..

and remember the love & beauty that surrounds us all…..

so close your eyes & kiss your soul mate….and let the color slip away from your dreams…..


and embrace the elegant timeless beauty of black & white photographs….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dana E:
    Jun 18-2009 , 09:02PM
    I totally agree with you! I ADORE black and white photography! Thank you for sharing!
  2. Jun 19-2009 , 07:41AM
    that is why i love black & white so much. you put it so beautifully into words. if i could shoot in just black and white all the time i would :)
  3. Jun 19-2009 , 08:15AM
    *gasp* beautiful.
  4. Jun 19-2009 , 08:29AM
    LOVE Black and White...
  5. Jun 19-2009 , 01:44PM
  6. Belle:
    Jun 21-2009 , 10:37AM
    this post made me cry. how beautifully written and photographed, elizabeth xoxoo
  7. Jul 09-2009 , 08:10AM
    Absolutely beautify.