is a truly amazing stationary company
i was so honored to have betsy white design
the beautiful kissing counter, that keeps count
of every kiss under the kissing tree…. 


gia graham is the founder & creative genius behind betsy white
 her company creates such clean & fresh designs….i am particularly
in love with the wedding logos….a couple can choose from a wide
array of designs on betsy white’s website & have a beautiful graphic
to represent their entire wedding…such a cute idea….here are a few
personal words from gia graham about her lovely company…..

So who’s Betsy White?
I actually don’t know anyone named Betsy. betsywhite is a word that sprung from old Barbadian dialect (that’s where I’m from – Barbados). It refers to the song of the local black bird, which sounds a heckuva lot like “betsywhite” (at least when Bajans say it!).
What’s Betsy White all about?
We’re all about offering brides stylish stationery options they can actually afford.
A little bit about me…
My name is Gia. I’m really short (5’), I can’t sing, I suck at math and I’m not a very good swimmer (despite growing up on an island and spending countless hours on the beach). I am however, a pretty decent designer….and I can organize the heck out of just about any space (The Container Store = Disney World in my book).

here are some of betsy white’s lovely designs…..


My kiss & tell tale…
I’ve been married for almost 8 years and my hubby’s smooches just keep getting sweeter! They make me smile, they give me energy, they keep me grounded and make me want to fly. When it comes to kisses, I say go for quality AND quantity!

-Gia Graham @ Betsy White

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 17-2009 , 04:38PM
    These monograms are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Jun 17-2009 , 06:34PM
    Oh, I'm almost to tears... so sweet about your kisses with your "groom." I'm also married almost 8 years, and when he lays one on me, it stays on for a long time!

    I just love the monograms pictured here and can't wait to see your own site. Love the counter you created for Kiss the Groom.

    Don't worry about the math, calculators/computers do it for us now, and as far as swimming goes? Just bring your swimmies or your husband..., that's what I do.