there are so many sweet moments in life worth celebrating…when me friend ulrica planned her son’s birthday party, i knew every detail would reflect her love for him & the simple sweet beauty of her swedish heritage…it was a lovely celebration…these images are a glimpse of ulrica’s amazing style….

in between bites of scrumptious birthday cake made by perfect endings in napa valley….i took time to capture some of the details….it was a perfect relaxed birthday celebration….simply beautiful….


as a mother, sometimes i love having a wedding cake maker create a cake for my little one’s birthdays…it takes a little pressure off me and makes a beautiful and delicious centerpiece….


everything was so good…no one wanted to leave…ulrica’s home was full of warmth and sweetness….


may your family celebrations be full of love & laughter & cake

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 06-2009 , 07:27AM
    beautiful pictures!!
  2. Jun 09-2009 , 04:36PM
    Those forks! What is it about that photo that is so amazing, I can't stop looking at it. So simple, yet so right.
  3. Jun 17-2009 , 10:27AM
    Nostalgic, simple, warm, lovely. thank you.
  4. Aug 25-2009 , 03:30AM
    [...] via Kiss the Groom {source} [...]