mindy weiss is such a wonderful event planner…and also such a sweet & thoughtful person…she put together this lovely tea party…it was a celebration full of whimsy, vintage hats & fabulous details…..tea1the happy couple danced in the garden and dined on mini sandwiches & cookies….and hot tea…..
tea3mindy weiss created a day  inspired by lewis carroll’s “alice in wonderland”….it was truly magical….tea4each table was unique….the colors were lovely and fresh….there were little tea sandwiches & sweets for everyone…and beautiful coasters with vintage “alice in wonderland” drawings….and a collection of antique clocks keeping time…..this lovely tea party set the tone for the truly unbelievable wedding that followed…..mindy weiss is an incredibly talented & an extraordinarily sweet person….xoxoxo
tea5let your dreams guide you & your celebrations can be whatever you imagine…love is all you need….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jun 10-2009 , 06:51PM
    How absolutely delightful!! I am starting to see more and more brides doing their own thing which makes my heart happy. Beautiful images as always!
  2. Jun 10-2009 , 10:11PM
    What a sweet idea for a wedding! I love the clocks!
  3. Jun 10-2009 , 11:34PM
    Lovely...lovely, and lovely...
  4. Jun 11-2009 , 09:26AM
    So whimsical and pretty. LOVE it...and GREAT photos, as usual!
  5. Jun 11-2009 , 02:14PM
    I absolutely adore this wedding. I usually find "themed" weddings somewhat tedious. But the theme here is not dominating but subtle.

    The photography is fabulous too.
  6. Jun 12-2009 , 08:35AM
    this might be one of the best themes that i've ever seen for a wedding - it is so enchanting!! and it isn't overdone - it looks like it was executed to perfection. why can't a girl get married over and over again!?!
  7. Jun 15-2009 , 10:25AM
    Love the older gentleman in the photograph! How fun!
  8. lily:
    Jun 18-2009 , 04:42AM
    Have to say.. I felt I was in wonderland. It was perfect and so bella boo. The photography was magical!
  9. Ceila:
    Jun 21-2009 , 10:25AM
    this is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. She should be a bride everyday of her life!
  10. laura.frances:
    Oct 24-2009 , 09:42PM
    these pictures and theme are adorable!! i love it!
  11. Mar 05-2010 , 12:19PM
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  12. Aug 26-2011 , 11:19AM
    [...] On the other side of this Alice divide,  classic Brides are indulging in the craze but more subtly.   It seems they simply cannot resist the sweetly-edgy vibe that Alice presents but while holding fast to their more traditional sensibilities.  Limited color palettes and an absence of direct reference to the movie’s characters seem to personify these design projects. Mindy Weiss knows just what we are talking about.  Check out the sweet Alice soiree she planned. [...]