a lovely workshop
would not have been possible without the tenacious efforts of rosemary….she was the lovely little string that held all of our creative ideas together…..her natural attention to detail was a wonderful addition to the planning of our day….a good event planner is so very important….

rosemary made detailed timelines for myself & all of the collaborators….these timelines allowed me to focus on the beauty & creative aspects of the day…her organization was such a blessing….a gift….


as a lovely workshop evolved rosemary was there every step of the way…she was amazing…..



i am so thankful for the tireless efforts rosemary made and realize how vital an event planner is for any event or wedding…there are so many variables…so many unpredictable elements….its wonderful to have someone to focus on the practical necessities….so that i could focus on the attendees & making beautiful images….and so you can focus on getting married & enjoying your beautiful family….


thank you rosemary….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 27-2009 , 07:30AM
    OMG, I love the dress with the puffed sleeves. Any idea who is the designer? Thanks!!
  2. May 27-2009 , 07:46AM
    These photos are absolutely stunning. Your style sense and your ability to capture the fleeting moments of beauty in front of you is unreal. What film where these captured on?
  3. May 27-2009 , 08:43AM
  4. May 27-2009 , 02:28PM
    I love these sepia shots!
  5. May 27-2009 , 02:55PM
    Thanks Elizabeth!
  6. May 27-2009 , 03:10PM
    My goodness...I LOVE your usage of lighting. You have such a natural ability to capture it so elegantly.
  7. May 28-2009 , 02:32PM
    I've been watching Rosemary of "Rosemary's Special Events" since it's inception. It's amazing the hours she spends on every detail, searching for new ideas and ways to make every event special and unforgettable. WOW!
  8. May 29-2009 , 03:17PM
    i love these images and just adore your work period. something so magical and thoughtful about each shot, i just can't get over it. i know that you shoot in film, do you do all your own processing or send out to a lab? recently i have been dying inside for the dark room, miss it terribly! are these images chemical tinted? how often do you offer workshops? much joy- brittany parker...milwaukee wi.
  9. May 29-2009 , 03:53PM
  10. May 30-2009 , 03:53PM
    Absolutely Gorgeous!