mary lynn is probably best know for her roll as “chloe o’brien” on the hit show “24…she’s also appeared in countless movies…recently in inde film “sunshine cleaning“…now she has been enjoying her most important roll yet, mother to a beautiful baby boy, valentine….mary lynn is so down to earth & so loving & natural with her young son….she is funny & talented….a truly special woman….mary lynn & her boyfriend, matthew welcomed me into their home to capture some of their family’s intimate moments…they are a lovely couple, in every way….and their son is just sooo completely adorable….

kiss & tell….

“It was our second date and it was hard to tell what he wanted or what he expected. I wanted to kiss him but only if he really wanted to kiss me. Then I started to question if it was even really a date. On our first date, or get together, you could call it, I had assumed that  we would have an affair & it would run it’s course.  That’s why I was surprised to be standing & wondering if we would even kiss. He walked me to my car, I hesitated ever so slightly, turned toward him. He quickly leaned into me, brushed his lips on my cheek. It was the best feeling I have ever had, so light, willing and full of promise, I felt my heart open a little wider. It was sweet, but it was much more, it was an indication of the possibility of an intimacy like I have never known.  Present, unconditional and unwavering.”

-mary lynn rajskub

mary lynn rajskub & the loves of her life, mathew & valentine live in southern california…matthew is a personal trainer & an amazing cook…their days are full of love, laughter & kisses….lots of kisses….


if you missed the season finale of “24” last night…you must try & watch a re-run…it was fantastic…& mary lynn was back as chloe helping jack bower…she is a simply wonderful mother & actress…

a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 19-2009 , 03:40PM
    i love her on 24! she is so adorable. my friend has the same mobile in her nursery... how funny. lovely family...
  2. May 19-2009 , 06:18PM
    My... I've only ever seen her in 24 and she looks so different!!! Absolutely gorgeous and a beautiful family too!!
  3. May 21-2009 , 04:28AM
    what lovely words AND lovely picutres!
  4. May 22-2009 , 07:45AM
    Gorgeous! Beautiful family and of coruse, stunning photography. ;)
  5. May 23-2009 , 12:21AM
    CHLOE ROCKS! :) Great images. So glad to have found your blog and site. Fabulous work!
    She looks beautiful here and of course her little boy is adorable too!