kara corridan is an incredible woman….she is the executive editor of both elegant bride magazine & modern bride magazine….she is also the mother of two beautiful little girls, julia & lila….somehow she manages to balance her demanding work schedule & motherhood….and does so with such grace….kara comes from a large loving family….perhaps its the close bond she has with her four sisters, that keeps her in good spirits…she seems to always have a smile on her face…how lucky her little girls are to have her….it is with great joy, i share these beautiful images of julia, kara’s oldest daughter….as well as beautiful kiss & tell, through the eyes of an amazing & inspirational mother….


kiss & tell….

“Both times I called my mom to tell her that the child I had just given birth to was a girl, she said the same thing: “I’m so glad you have a daughter.” I’m one of four sisters, so I know the bond my girls will have as they get older. And I hope that Julia, now 3 1/2, and Lila, 7 months, will always show me the sweet affection they do now. Julia’s got a seriously independent streak but still loves her “snuggle time.” These days she’s taken to crawling into bed with me, after my husband leaves for work and before my alarm goes off. She tries to lie quietly, but after a few seconds starts stroking my cheek. (She’s got a very delicate touch for a 3-year-old.) Then she leans in for a kiss, and my day begins. “

-kara corridan

love your daughters…love your mothers…love yourself….xoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 28-2009 , 05:09PM
    Such a sweet kiss and tell. What a beautiful girl and that hair! Gorgeous curls!
  2. Jun 02-2009 , 09:28PM
    I love your work, Elizabeth... it's a rare talent to be able to capture people of all ages in such an elegant, soft and natural way. Thank you for the inspiration!