today is a lovely day…..

elizabeth messina is honored to be hosting a lovely workshop at the simply beautiful kenwood inn & spa…..the twelve attendees will spend the day in napa valley….this intimate workshop was planned with great detail by elizabeth and an incredible group of artisans….the day will be full of stunning decor…a feast fit for kings….gowns….photographs….laughter & loveliness…and so much more….these are some of the wonderful collaborators for the first ever lovely workshop…..


event planning:
event design & florals:
concepts & invitations:

 lovely21a lovely workshop with elizabeth messina

a little more sweetness...

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  1. May 04-2009 , 09:07AM
    Ah, I so wish I could be there. Have a wonderful time with the lucky 12 attendees!
  2. May 04-2009 , 10:18AM
    I signed up too late...wish I could be there ;) Can't wait to see images from this workshop...
  3. May 04-2009 , 12:06PM
    Will you be doing another?? I can't believe I didn't know about this...
  4. May 04-2009 , 02:32PM
    Congratulations! I'll be thinking of you today! XXOO
  5. Isabelle:
    May 04-2009 , 07:13PM
    How did it go? xoxoxo
  6. May 04-2009 , 11:51PM
    I would love to know about the next one...I just found your blog today and saw the post for the workshop. :-(
  7. May 05-2009 , 07:00AM
    This sounds like so much fun. I would LOVE to be there, but I live in a different state. Have fun! Please share some pics of the event. :^)
  8. May 05-2009 , 12:09PM
    I also wish that I could have been there! Hope that anytime I come back to visit the states I have the chance to visit one of your workshops. Hope you had fun!!
  9. k*:
    May 05-2009 , 04:03PM
    I just have to post because Elizabeth is far too humble to say anything but this workshop was AMAZING! It was the most decadent feast for the eyes...... truly, there has never been a workshop quite like this with all the love and care that was put in. Photographers came from all over the country and it was just the most lovely day to get to know them and shoot some truly epic imagery. Cannot wait till the next event. :)
  10. May 06-2009 , 07:58AM
    I second k*'s comment! It was the most amazing workshop not just because of the wonderful location, decadent feast and inspiring design, but also because of the talented and lovely ladies and gentlemen who were there. Everyone was so generous and warm. I'm truly honored to be included. Thank you Elizabeth! It truly was "A Lovely Workshop". Can't wait to see the images... xoxo
  11. May 06-2009 , 05:15PM
    Couldn't have said it better than K* and Chewing the Cud. It was beyond my expectations... truly inspiring. How lucky we are to have been a part of it! Thank you Elizabeth and all the super-talented collaborators!
  12. Jun 24-2009 , 04:44AM
    [...] of these ideas came to life on the actual day. (Full listing of contributors to this event here.) For me, an event is about telling a story. The story of the people, the family, the location, the [...]
  13. Nov 27-2010 , 01:45PM
    [...] brought the collaboration to life.I had such a blast working with the rest of the team (full list here), especially Eden of End-Design, Rosemary of Rosemary Special Events and Xandra of XYZ ink. I [...]