“your love is king…
crown you with my heart.
  your love is king… 
 you’re the ruler of my heart.
 your kisses ring…
 round & round & round my head.
 touching the very part of me.
 its making my soul sing.
 i’m crying out for more.
 your love is king…” 

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 13-2009 , 08:49AM
  2. belle:
    Apr 13-2009 , 09:55AM
    this is my beloved father, honored so graciously by our amazing elizabeth. he was a famous art dealer and is still a king among men. thank you for capturing his beauty and his loving, regal heart. i love you elizabeth! xoxo
  3. Apr 13-2009 , 11:42AM
    what a great photo! (I just had this song in my head yesterday!)
  4. Apr 13-2009 , 12:57PM
    I adore this song, i shall be singing it all evening now!
    Your phographs are truly gorgeous.
    Happy Easter
    Emma x
  5. Isabelle:
    Apr 15-2009 , 08:42AM
    this photograph is a stunning piece of art.
  6. Jun 16-2010 , 10:11PM
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