every bride at some point faces this very important decision….to wear a veil or not?  certainly there is no wrong answer….a veil can add a layer of mystery….innocent & yet sensual…..a veil also catches light in such a beautiful way….which is gorgeous for your photographs….and then of course there is the more natural approach…hair down & no veil in sight….sometimes our fiances like the idea of this….our hair down, blowing in a gentle breeze…i think perhaps for some men, they want to see us as they know & love us….”hair down” is so distinctly feminine….so what best reflects your style….?

veiled2i say don’t choose…whay should you….instead have the best of both worlds….wear a veil for your ceremony & than loose it for your cocktail hour…or better yet…wear a traditional veil…then a birdcage veil or beautiful headpiece of some kind….most wedding days are broken up into sections…the ceremony…the cocktail hour….the wedding supper…the dancing….you can even get a special headpiece just for your photographs….the possibilities are endless….happy weddings ladies…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 22-2009 , 08:29AM
    Dear Elizabeth, I haven't had a chance to meet you yet but just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to all of us. Your images have a feeling to them that captures people's attention and commands us to delve deeper into the subject. Thank you for inspiring other photographers like myself to push our craft. Look forward to meeting you one day.


    Kenny Kim
  2. Apr 22-2009 , 11:11AM
    Veils are beautiful in pictures! I wore a veil for my ceremony and then just wore gardenias in my hair for the reception.
  3. Apr 22-2009 , 11:46AM
    A bride doesn't need a veil; I love the look of a flower or some sort of accessory in the hair, though :-)
  4. Apr 22-2009 , 01:21PM
    I'm going the "best of both worlds" approach, myself. I'm wearing my hair down (the way my fiance likes it best) with no veil for the afternoon pictures, and then adding a birdcage veil for the evening ceremony.
  5. Apr 28-2009 , 05:49AM
  6. Jun 17-2011 , 04:35AM
    I vote for veil. It`s more noble.
  7. Janice Scott:
    Aug 07-2012 , 05:16PM
    Could you please share the designer of this wedding gown- its devine!! i must know!! J xx