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“When I was 6 and 7 we (the neighborhood kids) would play a game
called “Kissy Boy, Kissy Girl”. It was like a game of tag but instead
of tagging you had to kiss the person and then you would be ‘it’ and
have to go kiss someone else to make them ‘it’. I remember the first
time I was introduced to this and was so sad because none of the boys
would run after me….it was always my girlfriends in their iron-on
unicorn t-shirts and hello kitty hair bobbles that they were interested in.
As I became more used to this game, I would start to suggest playing
it whenever ‘cute boys’ would come over to play in the neighborhood.
Of course, the only boys that wanted to play were the ones that I
found gross…Maybe this is why my mom wouldn’t let me date
till I was 16yrs old.”   Kristen from Bliss*

My how things change…Kristen is all grown up now & the owner of a successful wedding business Bliss* Video Productions….she also recently married a very cute boy & the love of her life (Todd) and their stunning wedding will be featured in the summer 2009 issue of modern bride….this beautiful & talented woman is enjoying a life full of happiness and kisses…..xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 06-2009 , 06:48AM
    wonder where all those girls with the unicorn shirts are now!!! congrats and good for you!!
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