groomlovethere is nothing quite as sweet as your man all dressed up for you….ladies kiss your grooms!

a little more sweetness...

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  1. vanessa:
    Apr 30-2009 , 09:33AM
    i will never forget the way I felt, as i sat in your class at WPPI, and felt an overwhelming feeling of JOY for photography, like I haven't felt in a long time. I was feeling so discouraged about my skillz, and your photography brought light to my heart. Thank you for sharing what you love. I will also have your images in my mind, no matter where I am: going to sleep, scrubbing a toilet, or even driving in the car with my husband. They bring me so much peace and that is priceless. thank you!
  2. Apr 30-2009 , 11:49AM
    i LOVE the picture of the groom with the flowers - perfect!
  3. May 01-2009 , 04:22AM
    I'm SO showing dave these shots!!