Kiss & Tell…..

“It was a crisp sunny Sunday in Highland Park, TX. Court told me he wanted to go workout at the gym, take my dog, Louis,  for a walk and then later take me to look at rings!  We have never gone or talked about looking at rings.  I was so thrilled.  After we finished working out I, of course, was more interested in getting ready to go look at rings rather than going on a walk with my dog. I didn’t want to make a fuss so I pretended I was in no rush as we  took Louis, a little yorkie on a walk to a nearby gazebo in Goar Park.   Louis always wore his pink backpack with treats inside while walking, so Court had made sure his backpack was ready to go for the walk, before we left the house.  Once we arrived at the park Court insisted we go look at the gazebo. In my mind still all I could think about was leaving to go get primped and to go look at rings! He tied the family dogs up on the side of the gazebo and led me up to the bench inside with my yorkie Louis. I had no idea what was about to happen. He took Louis and opened his backpack up and proceeded to get on one knee. It was there in the gazebo where he pulled out a beautiful sparkling emerald diamond cut engagement RING!! I was so incredibly shocked and excited my heart was just pounding!!! I of course said “Yes!!”  It was in the gazebo that we shared our “Engagement Kiss!!” Tears streamed down each other’s cheeks and nothing in the world could break our current connection. It was the best kiss of my life!! I was shaking with excitement and could not have felt more safe and secure at that moment! Our engagement kiss was like being wrapped up in a warm cozy chenille blanket by a fire with rain pouring outside and being cuddled by the one you love!! I could not have felt more content and happy inside knowing that we get to spend the rest of our lives together! The engagement kiss sealed and confirmed all my dreams!! “


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 23-2009 , 08:46AM
  2. Reimie:
    Apr 23-2009 , 08:46PM
    Oh my goodness! What a cute and great story!!
    And I love these pictures too!!
    It's always great to see those pictures with full of happiness :)

    Thank you!