a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 26-2009 , 07:18AM
    lovely! my favorite flowers...
  2. Apr 26-2009 , 08:05PM
    They really are perfect. The look so light and fluffy. Ah.
  3. Nikanne:
    Apr 27-2009 , 06:48AM
    These peonies look magical, but I'm sticking with tulips. Beautiful picture!
  4. Annette:
    Apr 27-2009 , 11:24AM
    OMG, this exact photo started my inspiration for my my wedding. It is so pretty.
  5. Apr 27-2009 , 04:12PM
    Wow now that's an amazing bouquet. Love the colors!
  6. Apr 28-2009 , 11:32AM
    This is an absolutely amazing photograph! Just lovely!!!
  7. May 01-2009 , 04:20AM
    that looks luscious! like big balls of strawberry ripple icecream
  8. Dec 03-2009 , 04:35PM
    I am looking for a bouquet similar to this, we can not seem to find a florist in California to make a Peony Bouquet. Any suggestions? I would love this for Maria (I am her temp. mom for the wedding, her mom passed away) - I am attempting to make her dream come true for her bouquet... the wedding is in August 2010
    thanks ahead!
  9. Andrea:
    Jul 06-2011 , 06:46AM
    actually, this picture may just sway me from tulips...