if you love fairies…you will love this idea….a whimsical & lovely way to express your inner fairy….tricia fountaine is truly a fairy goddess…her designs & florals are so effortlessly sweet….every detail was created by tricia…the dress…the moss covered goblet….the wings…the headpieces….the alter…the bouquet…and my personal favorite are the beautiful one of a kind handmade fairy shoes….

fairies2-2        if you are a fairy at heart…let your wings & your love free…and give tricia a call 805.450.8753

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Apr 20-2009 , 07:34AM
    Seriously, this is awesome. I love the whole concept. It's lovely, unique and stunning. Sigh
  2. Apr 20-2009 , 09:32AM
    So beautiful!
  3. Apr 20-2009 , 10:19AM
    So whimsical and beautiful. I love this stuff!
  4. Apr 20-2009 , 07:25PM
    I love that!
    Everything is so beautiful!!
  5. Apr 21-2009 , 11:53AM
    love this! so whimsical!
  6. Apr 21-2009 , 09:26PM
    wow...so original & gorgeous!
  7. Sally:
    Apr 23-2009 , 04:12AM
    These are truly exquisite images - awesome !!
  8. Apr 25-2009 , 06:52AM
    Absolutely magical! Thank you for sharing this!
  9. Shallon:
    Jun 27-2009 , 07:51PM
    I absolutely love the dress!!!!! and the alter! This is exactly what I dream of for my wedding! I found this sight looking up fairy wedding dresses on google.
  10. Dec 10-2009 , 10:35AM
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  11. May 02-2012 , 08:05PM
    So glad I discovered your blog , I love it!
  12. Elizabeth:
    Aug 30-2012 , 10:58AM
    Absolutely gorgeous! This is what I want my wedding to look like!!! <3