Leah C is a true artisan…..she creates some of the most beautiful veils & headpieces i have ever seen….each one is handcrafted & made with the utmost care…..she is based in new york city but has clients all over the world….from handmade french lace to feathers & silk flowers…each piece is one of a kind…..there are so many styles of veils & headpieces…some brides will wear one design for their ceremony & then change into another one for their reception….your wedding style can evolve all throughout your wedding day….she can also make headpieces for your bridesmaids, which really unifies the looks & feel of a bridal party….so take a look at some of the beautiful Leah C Couture Millinery designs & decide for yourself…..



these beautiful bridesmaids are adorned with leah c creations


“Women come to visit my atelier in search of satisfying a desired emotional state that has entered into their system at one time or another. One can strive to have a feeling even though they haven’t yet seen the object that will match that emotional state and make it come alive. Our minds and our senses are very powerful and I believe my creations serve to realize many sensual (visual, touch, sound, of compliments and praise) pleasures and fill the space between dream and reality.In a sense for a bride, the ceremony moment is a moment of vulnerability and if veiled, she is looking out on the world though a floating shield theoretically protecting her.

A Leah C. veil is made with the finest veiling once woven in France and extremely rare now. These fine sheaths of wide net material play many roles as discussed above but for me predominantly they enhance one’s natural beauty.

I hope my veils bring together that vision of when we think about presenting ourselves in the most beautiful light possible with the reality of that emotional state we strive for of feeling our most radiant and desirable.”

                                                                                                                                                                                      Leah C


women are just beautiful…and veils & headpieces are just another way to express personal style….and really embrace dressing up, especially on your wedding day…bless the veil & the bride beneath it…

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 02-2009 , 04:37PM
    Oh, I just ADORE these fabulous headpieces! What a great way to show your personal style for your wedding!
  2. Mar 02-2009 , 05:34PM
    Incredible! Your lovely images complement her beautiful hairpieces perfectly....
  3. Mar 02-2009 , 06:02PM
    great find! thanks for sharing!