jacqueline tobin has been an editor at PDN magazine for over twenty years….she has seen first hand how wedding photography has evolved over the years….so its no surprise that her new book “Wedding Photography Unveiled” is absolutely fantastic…she hand picked twenty of the best wedding photographers around the country (i was lucky enough to be among the 20 photographers chosen)…. her book is a stunning collection of images and insights….wedding photography has become such a beautiful mix of fashion, lifestyle, editorial & photojournalism….her book will undoubtably be the wedding photography “bible” for both photographers and brides…..
the official release date for the book is march 17,2009…
here is a sneak peak & giveaway for you….xoxo

(the cover image was taken by jose villa)

we are giving away two copies of “Wedding Photography Unveiled”
one copy to a photographer….simply write a comment and tell us why
you love to photograph wedddings…..

one copy to a bride….simply write a comment and tell us why
wedding photography is meaningful to you…..

here is THE list of jacqueline tobin’s top 20 wedding photographers…..

Liz Banfield 
Virginie Blachère
Chenin Boutwell 
Philippe Cheng
Suzy Clement 
Mike Colón 
Amy Deputy 
Shannon Ho
Jesse Leake 
Kathi Littwin 
Charles & Jennifer Maring
Melissa Mermin 
Elizabeth Messina
Melanie Nashan
Christian Oth
Parker J. Pfister
Ben Quillinan 
Meg Smith 
Amanda Sudimack
Jose Villa

(and for those of you who are interested in getting your own copy
of Wedding Photography Unveiled you can purchase it at amazon)


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 09-2009 , 12:28PM
    what a beautiful, stunning book! Congratulations Elizabeth, but comes as no surprise considering how truly talented you are! Your work is stunning and the book wouldn't be complete without your images in it.

    I would love a copy..I'm a photographer and for me photographing weddings is pure bliss. there is something so lovely about two people committing themselves to one another for all of their lives. to remain true and faithful to someone is the most romantic gift anyone can give another. to love and to be loved, well there is nothing like it in the world and to be that photographer to capture that love on that day is a blessing. i smile every time i am behind the camera as the bride peers nervously around the corner catching a glimpse of her soon to be husband standing at the alter, i smile when they say "i do" vowing to honor and love one another and i smile and at times cry as they exchange that first kiss as husband and wife. to be able to capture those moments for someone, those images that someone will hold on to forever, that will become passed down to their children, that will bring a smile to their face years from now, i feel like the luckiest girl in the world. that is why i love to photograph weddings.
    warmly, erin
  2. goin' to the chapel:
    Mar 09-2009 , 12:53PM
    What a gorgous cover! I love seeing how different photographers approach the same subject and I can't wait to see these shots! I'm ordering the book now--thanks for putting up the link!
  3. Mar 09-2009 , 01:11PM
    I can't wait to see the book and all the beautiful photos!

    I love photographing weddings because I get a little teary every time the bride walks down the aisle and can do nothing but smile on a packed dance floor. I love the challenges and rewards of photographing such a special day and all the wonderful people I have come into contact with. I also love being in a field full of such talented people that inspire me everyday.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely work. The blog is fantastic!

  4. Mar 09-2009 , 01:18PM
    fyi....the giveaway copies of Wedding Style Unveiled are
    signed by the author jacqueline tobin...xoxo..elizabeth
  5. Mar 09-2009 , 01:29PM
    Wedding photography is, in my opinion, the most important element of the day. The reception hall, the church, the favors, all of that is all well and good but your pictures are what you have with you to remember the day by forever. For me this is an especially important thing. My relationship with my fiance has been documented in photos from the first day we met. And sad to say it, thanks to a long distance relationship, most of the pictures we have we took ourselves (you know, those sad, outstretched arms pictures). I'm SO looking forward to having this amazingly special day documented for us by someone else, and someone who shares my vision of what I want to take away from the day in photos.
  6. Jacqueline Tobin:
    Mar 09-2009 , 01:37PM
    I think it would be better if Elizabeth signs the giveaway copies. The book would be nothing without the stunning work and contributions from each of the 20 photographers, and ESPECIALLY from dear, dear Elizabeth, who is EXTREMELY talented and very generous. Thanks E!!
  7. Mar 09-2009 , 02:12PM
    Every time I am behind my camera at a wedding, I tear, but the one part of the day that you are guaranteed to see me tear is when the groom says, "I will love you for all the days of my life", or the couples version of those words. That is the moment I tear. Absolutely. It reminds me of when my husband said those very words and how much my wedding day meant to me, and what those words me in life. I want to remind people of how much their big day meant to them, of that very moment they vowed to love eachother for the rest of their lives and I am lucky that I am the person that captures those memories for them so that they can relive it, for the rest of their lives. I love coming home after a long day and running up to my husband to tell him all the details, and tell him that I love him so so so so much. Those are the reasons I love photographing weddings. I am a hopeless romantic.
  8. Mar 09-2009 , 02:15PM
    Congratulations on the book, it looks absolutely beautiful! I also want to mention as a soon-to-be-bride as well as a photographer that I love this site, it is full of beautiful messages and inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

    The reason I am a photographer is because of people! I love to capture small moments in a persons life, the little smiles, the way a collarbone looks when a woman glances over her shoulder at the man on her dreams. The reason I photograph weddings is for the sheer joy of being a part of someones most special day, to be able to capture the little glances between husband and wife. To see the twinkle in his eye as she walks down the aisle. Weddings are challenging and stressful and creative. They are so special, and to be a part of that is the greatest feeling of all.

  9. pw:
    Mar 09-2009 , 03:29PM
    this book looks like it will be amazing to go through -- so much talent in one spot =)!

    wedding photography is meaningful to me because it's something that is timeless and irreplaceable. trends and fads may come and go but photography really does last forever! this is one of the main reasons we invested money in an excellent photographer for our wedding day...when we're old and we look back at our wedding day, we will gravitate to those images, and savor those captured little moments in time =). this is how i've relived the other important moments of my life up to now, not through video (we couldn't afford it when i was younger!), but through carefully preserved images in stacks of stacks of photo albums, lovingly taken with carefully documented dates on the back. i can't imagine reliving my wedding in any other way!
  10. Stephanie Kemp:
    Mar 09-2009 , 06:16PM
    I have photographed weddings now for 4 years... as an amateur I look to the inspiration of these talented up and coming photographers. I am amazed by their creativity and how wedding photography has evolved. I was married back in 2000 and did not know what I do now about the importance of wedding photography. I wish I could go back and choose the right person for my day and capture it the way it should have been captured BUT as my photography expanded into weddings I realized why I loved them soo much. I knew what a bride and groom would want captured... the candid moments not observed by the bride but later discovered while flipping through her wedding day photographs, the portraits that captured the bride looking so stunning and the details in her dress that made her fall in love with it the 1st time she tried it on and the details of the favors or table settings and knowing how many long hours they spent planning every detail of this perfect day. To be able to capture these moments is a true honor for me. Being on the East Coast of Canada I feel we need to have a more creative "gutsy" photojournalistic approach. I am trying to create this... and look to my fellow American photographers for inspiration. I have been following oncewed.com and in stumbling over this website I have discovered the talent of some of these artists' that Jacqueline has featured in this book.
  11. Kristen:
    Mar 09-2009 , 08:20PM
    I am amazed with the talent in this book! I am an amateur photographer hoping to shoot weddings one day. As a bride myself I did not know what I was doing when I picked a photographer. Being on a budget, I picked a local photographer whose pictures were technically good and nice enough. After seeing the finished product I realized I did indeed have a vision, and the photos in my hand were NOT it. How I wish I could take that decision back!

    Now I know better and want to give brides the look I was craving, the look of pictures by the likes of you, Elizabeth, You are such an inspiration to me. I would love a copy of this book to learn from, and relish (I love that word).

  12. Mar 09-2009 , 10:26PM
    *squeal!* I can't wait to see this book! (I would LOVE to win a copy! Pick me! Pick me!)

    I love to photograph weddings because it is a day full of such joy. Being the photographer gives you an opportunity to see the love first-hand; the secret glances exchanged among the couple, the looks of love and support from their family & friends, and just a day filled with joy. I aspire to capture that feeling for them to look back at in the future and remind themselves all over again that they need to keep that joy in their heart.

    I have the best job in the world, and I feel weird calling it a "job" at all.

    Thank you again for sharing this with us!
  13. Mar 09-2009 , 10:31PM
    Oooh...I have to pick one of these up! The list of photographers are among some of my faves in the industry...you included Elizabeth! One thing I always stress to my clients is the importance of having fabulous photography. I am sure this will be an inspiration for my brides when they visit our studio! Thanks for posting ;-)
  14. Mar 10-2009 , 05:02AM
    Stunning cover image and I can only imagine the treats and treasures for the eyes inside!
    I love to photograph weddings because their is mystery there, one never knows what they may catch or what beauty may be revealed. You are able to capture a day that most will be talking about to their future generations. A big duty, but also a great honor.
    And if one is lucky the details of the flowers, the dresses, the decor, the location, is a feast for the photographer!!!!!
  15. Mar 10-2009 , 05:25AM
    my mother has a wedding portrait from distant family members taken during the turn of the last century, i want just one photograph like that, so someone in the distant future will look back and see how happy and beautiful it is to be in love.
  16. Mar 10-2009 , 05:56AM
    First of all, photography has always been a love of mine. And, weddings are my most favorite event to attend. I absolutely love seeing the happy couple throughout the day glow with love. Every wedding I have attended, whether I know them well or not, I have teared up! When we were choosing our photographer for our wedding day, we wanted someone who could capture emotions. I always have tears in my eyes when I see a close-up picture of a mother having a tear roll down her cheek as the speeches are made or the bride screaming with joy as she just got married to her best friend. I think wedding photographers have a true gift. They make the pictures seem real as if you were there attending that event all over again! I cannot wait to see how our pictures turn out! Thank you for reading this!

    P.S. I love your blog!
  17. Mar 10-2009 , 09:17AM
    why do i love photographing weddings?...for the love, the details, the love!
  18. Mar 10-2009 , 04:29PM
    I love photography because it takes one moment in time and tell us a story. There is something so magical about that!
  19. Mar 11-2009 , 09:19AM
    i'm a photographer ...its so hard for me to define why I love photographing weddings so much. I think it's the same reason that I love to take pictures...just to capture moments and have them last forever. A wedding is filled with so many of those moments that you want to freeze. There is so much joy, laughter, tears....all the emotions that you want to freeze. I get to do that for someone at the start of their life with someone else. It really is a powerful thing to be able to do that for a person.
  20. Mar 12-2009 , 10:52AM
    I'm not sure if you've already given away your books, but I felt compelled to try to put into words why I love my job so much. From start to finish on a wedding, I make it my priority to connect with my clients, not only to I want them to love me, I want to love them back. I get to be the biased observer and visual diarist of their love. I love the intimate relationship I have with my clients, we know each other extremely well by the end of the process, we've created an honest lasting relationship for lifetime based on trust and love. People say it's magical and that's because it really is! It's a truly wonderful thing created out of thin air! I love knowing that the wedding and the union lives on through me, it's a gift I get to give the bride and groom that they will have to pass on for many generations to come. I feel a connection to them, that I have never felt as a guest at a wedding. I cry, I always cry. My love for them, their love for each other, the way she captivates him, holds his attention. That look.

    God I'm crying now. I hope I put this into a tangible and readable explanation of why I love what I do. I love my brides, I love.... love. And I also think it's pretty cool to be able to wear sweats to work every day. ;-)
  21. Elana:
    Mar 12-2009 , 01:09PM
    I'm a bride and I would LOVE a copy of this book.

    It's hard to explain just how meaningful wedding photography is to me, but I'll give it a go. Bear with me here. So, you know how you can imagine things in your head? Mental visual imagery? For example, if I were to ask you to imagine a red square.. or a wedding dress... or a beach.. anything.. you'd be able to see something in your head? I can't. As I noted, it's incredibly difficult to explain this to someone who doesn't experience it (and I've never met anyone else who does, though I've read of others on the good ole internet)... it's hard enough to explain this in person, nevermind via a short comment. But--that's it. While I know I have visual dreams, in my waking life, I have the inability to visualize in any way--be it a memory or thinking of inspiration or whatnot. It's a connection that I'm seemingly lacking in my brain.

    So what does that all have to do with wedding photography? My inability to visualize makes my memory much worse than I imagine it would be otherwise. For goodness sakes, I can't even visualize my fiance (the only reason I can tell you the color of his eyes is because I have told myself over and over again what color they are... and this isn't because I don't love staring into them!). So on a day as important as my wedding, I want to be able to remember... the emotion, the sights, the people, all of it. I want to be able to see this as I won't ever be able to bring back the visual memory in my head. And that is why wedding photography is so remarkably important to me.

    [I hope this makes sense... as I noted, I always have trouble describing this to people and it usually takes many hours of explaining and them asking me questions for them to get it...]
  22. Mar 12-2009 , 02:24PM
    Wow! This is by far one of the BEST photography blogs I have ever seen! (My first time here). Absolutely beautiful and I love your work Elizabeth. 100% inspiring.

    I have loved photographing weddings since 1999 because I simply love being a part of the most important day in the bride and groom's lives. I know my photography will remind the couple 5-10-20-30 years from now why they committed their lives to each other with the blessing of marriage. It always my goal that their wedding photos will remind them of their unconditional love for each other in the good times and not-so-good times.
  23. Mar 13-2009 , 07:57AM
    I honestly cannot wait to obtain a copy of this book! I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY BOOKS and this book will be such an inspirational treasure with the fabulous photographers and especially the likes of your work, Elizabeth, who inspires me everyday to such a passionate level!!!! Now how would I get my copy signed by you??!!!
  24. Mar 15-2009 , 12:29AM
    I love weddings, and I literally can spend hours + hours non-stop looking at bridal magazines, watching wedding shows, and exploring photographers' online portfolios. Congratulations, Elizabeth, on being a contributor to this book. You deserve it, and your work speaks for itself! I will definitely pick up a copy!
  25. Mar 15-2009 , 06:22PM
    Photographer here...
    What's not to love about photographing weddings? All day I'm surrounded by beautiful elements, happy people, and love. It has to be one of the most fantastic jobs in the world!
  26. Mar 16-2009 , 07:22PM
    I love the weight, the feel of the camera in my hand>>getting lost inside the photos as I compose/recompose and press down upon the shutter>>smiling, laughing, getting blurry-eyed from the happiness of others>>happy when the images cross over into fine art>>happy when the images stir joy, surprise, passion in my clients and friends>>the beauty of the moments and the details and the everything else all around>>being inspired by what others see and capture>>growing, reflecting, experimenting>>eventually finding my own voice>>always so many moments waiting....
  27. Mar 17-2009 , 08:25AM
    I love to photograph weddings for the breathless moments of joy and unanticipated slivers of nuance.
  28. Mar 21-2009 , 09:44PM
    Oh no! The attached image is not showing here, and it's not showing up in amazon. I'm already past the release date, and I can't wait to get my hands on this book. At this date, I am assuming the giveaway has already been ... given ... away :( Any updates?
  29. Claudia Landau:
    Mar 25-2009 , 01:18PM
    I am a bride-to-be who has decided that my wedding photography is THE most important element of my wedding (other than the intangibles like the beauty of the vows, the presence of dear friends, etc) for several reasons. There is SUCH MAGIC in a wedding, and quality photography is the only element that can even begin to capture and preserve this... people attending the wedding (including myself and my beloved) will only vaguely remember the meal they ate or the color of the flowers or the sound of the band... but as they look at the photos in months and years to come, their mind will suddenly be suddenly transported back to that magical time and place... what other medium can claim to perform such a feat?!

    Wedding photography not only fuels the imagination and memory for years to come, it is an artistic element itself that goes beyond the image it captured to "frame" and "present" moments of magic... and these moments can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates beauty (not just those who attended the wedding or who know the bride or groom... that's why I love browsing good wedding photo blogs online - the work is truly art... and it's capturing the magical essence of a singular celebration!).

    For these reasons - and many more - I would love to be selected to win a free copy of Jacqueline Tobin's "Wedding Photography Unveiled."
  30. Andrea:
    Jun 29-2011 , 02:27AM
    I'm way out of time for this give-away, but I have put the book on my Amazon WishList as it looks beautiful and very inspirational - very useful for a beginner photographer like myself.