winnersthank you to everyone who shared their thoughts….there were so many heartfelt comments….in honor of the official release day of Wedding Photography Unveiled, here are the two winning comments:

Bride to be Elana said:
“It’s hard to explain just how meaningful wedding photography is to me, but I’ll give it a go. Bear with me here. So, you know how you can imagine things in your head? Mental visual imagery? For example, if I were to ask you to imagine a red square.. or a wedding dress… or a beach.. anything.. you’d be able to see something in your head? I can’t. As I noted, it’s incredibly difficult to explain this to someone who doesn’t experience it (and I’ve never met anyone else who does, though I’ve read of others on the good ole internet)… it’s hard enough to explain this in person, nevermind via a short comment. But–that’s it. While I know I have visual dreams, in my waking life, I have the inability to visualize in any way–be it a memory or thinking of inspiration or whatnot. It’s a connection that I’m seemingly lacking in my brain.

So what does that all have to do with wedding photography? My inability to visualize makes my memory much worse than I imagine it would be otherwise. For goodness sakes, I can’t even visualize my fiance (the only reason I can tell you the color of his eyes is because I have told myself over and over again what color they are… and this isn’t because I don’t love staring into them!). So on a day as important as my wedding, I want to be able to remember… the emotion, the sights, the people, all of it. I want to be able to see this as I won’t ever be able to bring back the visual memory in my head. And that is why wedding photography is so remarkably important to me.

Wedding Photographer Lara said:
“I love the weight, the feel of the camera in my hand>>getting lost inside the photos as I compose/recompose and press down upon the shutter>>smiling, laughing, getting blurry-eyed from the happiness of others>>happy when the images cross over into fine art>>happy when the images stir joy, surprise, passion in my clients and friends>>the beauty of the moments and the details and the everything else all around>>being inspired by what others see and capture>>growing, reflecting, experimenting>>eventually finding my own voice>>always so many moments waiting….”

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 18-2009 , 04:48PM
    Thanks again, Elizabeth>>so eager to have the book show up on my door step, xx :)L