formal portraits on your wedding day are such an important aspect of your day… much as i love getting ready images & details….there is something so profound about the legacy of family coming together in joy & celebration….i think of group shots as family heirlooms….they become more special & valuable with time….there are a couple of things to consider when planning your group photos…what is the best time for formal photos?? there really is no right answer, just what is right for you….doing them before the ceremony has some advantages….it frees up your time after the ceremony, which can be nice if you want to enjoy your cocktail party….this may not be the best plan though, if you are a true romantic….seeing your groom & his family before the ceremony may be great for photos but does not work for some couples who want to see each other for the first time at their ceremony….there are a couple of alternatives….you can do all the formal portraits after the ceremony….which maintains the magic of the first glimpse of each other at the ceremony….but often means missing some or all of your cocktail party….or you can do some formals before the ceremony separately & then again together after the ceremony together….which is a good solution, but will demand more time from you & your families…or i also like to plan a special moment where the bride & groom can see each other before the ceremony, alone….it maintains some of the magic & importance of the first moment of seeing each other and then also enables the groups shots to be done before the ceremony….whatever you decide, make sure you communicate you desires both with your photographer & your families….good communication makes for beautiful photographs…..happy wedding….xoxo

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  1. Mar 05-2009 , 01:09PM
    your work is so impeccable and the photographs makes it look fun gathering folks for the big day photos. i love that photo too, and normally formals are hardest part of the day. thanks for inspiring us!
  2. Mar 07-2009 , 07:26PM
    I wish that family portraits weren't so reserved for special occasions. I try to lobby for my parents and my siblings to take one every time I'm home (which isn't often). Having it in the same place outside the house really lets you see how things change over time..